Hi there! I’m Monique

Thanks for stopping by to have a cup of coffee with me.

Let’s get to know each other and discover how Tiara Tribe can help you. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with blogging?

Confused about where to start or what to do next?

Losing your motivation to carry on?

Not seeing the results you were hoping for?

Are you still trying to convince family members, your partner, friends, and even yourself that you aren’t ‘wasting your time’?

Do you need a friend through all of this?

Yes, yes, and yes – you TOTALLY need a friend, cheerleader and trustworthy source of information through all of this. Don’t you want to wake up excited to work on your blog? Well, Tiara Tribe is here to help you do just that. 

Tiara Tribe is here to give you valuable articles and guidance on starting, building and growing with your blog. It’s your online home where you can enjoy the process and actually build your blog with love. I truly believe that what you build with love will bring much love and value to others, which then returns to you.

Don’t give up. Spend time here and get real value from what is shared freely with you. I have years of experience, done so many courses I’ve lost count, and climbed many a blogging mountain. I want to share it all with you, and then some.

Just remember that one day all the hard work starts coming together and things feel different. Your blog starts looking and feeling like a ‘real’ blog. People actually sign up to your mailing list and find you on social media. Things start flowing and gaining momentum. You’ve got the hang of it and grow exponentially from there. It’s amazing what happens when you never give up, keep on learning, and do things with love.

Tiara Tribe is:

  • Your safe space to learn about the world of blogging
  • Your friend and cheerleader when you need some inspiration to keep on going
  • Your reliable resource for checklists, quick guides, step-by-step instructions, recommendations and info on what you need to build your blog with love

 Are you excited to get started?

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