Your guide to starting a side hustle and building a business so you can make more money & be your own boss!

> Are you struggling to pay your bills or working in a job that’s unfulfilling?

> Do you need help with how to start making extra money?

> Do you want to earn the most you can for the extra hours you work and perhaps grow a side hustle into a business?

This 100+ page guide is designed to take you on the quickest route from starting a side hustle and making extra money, to building it into a thriving business.

Take 13 steps to plan, research, choose and boost your side income.

You’ll get:

  • The information you need to move through each step in starting your side hustle and building your business
  • Activities that are easy to follow
  • True stories about topics to learn from
  • A summary at the end of each chapter with the key points to know

50% of all income from book sales up to 20 January 2020 goes to Say Yes to Education, a US-based non-profit organization that supports economically disadvantaged youths and families to increase graduation rates. It also pledges full scholarships to those living in poverty for their college or vocational education.  

  • Change your mindset
  • Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, skills and talents before you begin
  • Use a simple strategy to make the most money
  • Come up with and find ideas for your side hustle
  • Evaluate and choose the best idea for you
  • Get a lot of information about your competitors and the market for free
  • Get to know your dream customer who wants what you offer and is willing to pay for it
  • Be extremely productive in the limited time you have
  • Schedule when you will do what to reach your launch date
  • Price your side hustle in three steps and make a profit
  • Brand your side hustle to make it unforgettable and competitive
  • Market your side hustle most effectively and the one opportunity you must take advantage of and why
  • Scale your side hustle to keep on growing your income
  • How much time to spend on activities as you grow
  • Build your side hustle and keep your day job
  • Know when it’s time to quit your day job
  • Avoid burning out

      AND MORE…




I quit my corporate job 10 years ago to work on my own projects and enjoy the freedom to work on what I’m passionate about.

I started Tiara Tribe to help people like you build their blog and make money doing what they love.

One of the most sustainable ways to do this is by starting a side hustle and knowing how to scale it into a business that keeps on making more money.

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