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WARNING: this movie won the Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screen Combo AND Worst screenplay awards at the 38th Golden Raspberry Awards. In other words, many who saw it hated it, but some say they absolutely loved it.

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Emoji Movie poster. Source: Wiki.

Hmmmmm, which one is it?

If you’re brave enough to watch The Emoji Movie, here’s a summary and trailer of what to expect:

In the electric buzz of Textopolis, a world pulsing inside a smartphone, lives Gene, an emoji with a glitch that’s more of a gift: he can morph into any expression, while his neighbors are stuck with just one.

Gene, the main character in the Emoji Movie
Meet Gene, the emoji with a glitch. (Source: wiki)

This makes Gene the equivalent of a smartphone savant, but in the emoji world, being a jack-of-all-faces is less of a talent and more a ticket to trouble.

The Emoji Movie whisks us away on Gene’s quest to become a “normal” emoji, a journey that’s anything but.

Alongside Gene is the rebellious and brilliant Princess Linda “Jailbreak”, a hacker emoji with dreams as big as her coding skills, aiming for life beyond the phone’s borders.

Jailbreak, the brilliant hacker emoji. (Source: wiki)

Then there’s Hi-5, a once-celebrated emoji now thirsting for a comeback, waving his finger in the face of obscurity.

Hi-5, the wannabe star of the show. (Source: wiki)

This trio of misfits embarks on an app-venture that zips through the nooks and crannies of the smartphone, from the wild jungles of Candy Crush to the rhythm-infused lands of Just Dance.

Pursuing our heroes is Smiler, a villain with a smile that’s anything but warm, armed with the zeal of a zealot to maintain emoji order.

Smiler insists on maintaining emoji order in Textopolis. (Source: wiki)

Gene’s own parents, the unflappably unimpressed Meh emojis, embark on a side quest, wading through digital dilemmas to find and hopefully fix their son, only to discover that maybe Gene doesn’t need fixing after all.

Here’s the official trailer for the movie:

The Emoji Movie is a kaleidoscope of color, humor, and heart, all wrapped in a digital odyssey about embracing one’s true self in a world that demands conformity. It’s a tale where pixels and emotions collide, showing us that in the end, the key to happiness might just be finding the courage to express our true selves, in whatever form that may take.