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One of the most popular emojis worldwide is the face with tears of joy emoji 😂. This emoji shows an upright laughing face with tears coming out the eyes. It’s also called the laughing emoji, tears of joy emoji, and the LOL emoji, which stands for “laughing out loud”.

This is the popular Face with Tears Emoji.

Here are 7 things you’ll find interesting about this crying funny face:

The face with tears of joy emoji is nearly 20 years old

The face with tears of joy emoji was first made available in the Japanese market by Apple in 2007, and later released to the world with an iOS update in 2011. So it’s almost 20 years old!

The 😂 emoji was Word of the Year

In 2015, the 😂 emoji was declared Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries. This is the FIRST and only time a picture has ever been called “word” of the year.

Gen Z are using other emojis too

While the LOL 😂 emoji remains popular with millennials and people across the world, Generation Z sometimes uses the skull 💀 or loudly crying face 😭 rather than the traditional tears of joy 😂 emoji.

People don’t always know what it means

The 😂 emoji usually means you’re laughing out loud because you find something funny, but sometimes people use this emoji because they’re being sarcastic or to hide their sadness. It can be difficult to understand the full meaning of a digital message when you can’t see the person and read their body language.

The difference between 😂 and 🤣

The 🤣 emoji stands for ROTFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing). It shows uncontrollable laughter, saying that something is hilarious. The 😂 emoji stands for LOL (laughing out loud), is more versatile, and can mean you’re laughing because something’s funny or laughing sarcastically because you’re actually crying about the situation.

😂 emoji has become art

The 😂 emoji isn’t only seen in messages and on social media – it’s popular on chia pets, t-shirts, and even dangly jewelry.

You can learn how to draw this emoji

Here’s a fantastic YouTube video showing you exactly how to draw the 😂 emoji. If you do, be sure to share your artwork on our Facebook page.