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Did you know that you can link Facebook to Pinterest? I literally just found out! You can add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page in minutes, showing all your Pinterest boards right there in Facebook. Then you have Faceterest, or is it Pinbook? No matter what it’s called, let me show you how to do it quickly, easily, and all for free.

Well, I feel like I’ve just discovered a new delicious dessert that I can’t wait to try. I happened to see it on someone’s Facebook page while I was doing research for launching my awesome new blogging challenge. (You don’t want to miss this challenge – sign up to join us at the end of this blog post.)

Ahem, back to Facebook… I saw this Pinterest page on her Facebook and thought whoa, how did this awesome lady get a Pinterest link on her Facebook page?

So, I did some research to find out how and voila, I officially have a Pinterest tab in my Tiara Tribe Facebook page showing all my pretty Pinterest boards. Now those who find me or follow me on Facebook can easily see I’m active on Pinterest, and maybe follow me over there, too.

And because I know you’re here to build your blog with love, then I’m sure you’re interested in how to do the same thing to up your social authority and your social media marketing power.

Here’s how you can link Facebook to Pinterest:


Make sure you’re logged into your personal Facebook account, i.e. the account you use to run your business page for your blog.


Click on this link to open the service in Facebook: Add Page Tab

It will take you to a page that shows you the following:

How to link Facebook to Pinterest quickly, easily, and for free


In the dropdown menu, select the Facebook page(s) you want to add a Pinterest tab to. I selected Tiara Tribe from my list of business pages.

Once you’ve done this, click on Add Page Tab in the bottom right corner.

Step 4:

You will be asked if you’re happy with sharing your name, profile picture and email address with Woobox (Woobox is the service that runs this free app). If you’re happy to do so, click on Continue as [your name].

How to link Facebook to Pinterest quickly, easily, and for free


Woobox will ask you to choose what you allow on the next page. They only asked for access to my Instagram profile and posts, which aren’t linked to Facebook at this stage because I’m running a personal Instagram account and not a business account. So they can’t access it – you might not be given this option if you have a business Instagram or no Instagram account.

If you get this option, choose what you will allow and then click on the OK box in the bottom-right corner.

How to link Facebook to Pinterest quickly, easily, and for free


Now you can edit your Pinterest tab’s content. This is the info that will be shown when people click on your Pinterest tab in your Facebook business page.

How to link Facebook to Pinterest quickly, easily, and for free

You only get mobile access with a paid subscription, so mobile users won’t be able to see the tab unless you pay for this service (seems to be from $32 per month). The majority of my blog visitors are on their phones, so I will find a way to track how the tab performs and then decide if it’s worth paying for mobile access.

Under Pinterest settings, be sure to add your Pinterest username.

Decide whether you want to show all your Pinterest boards on the Facebook page or just one board. I chose to show all of my Pinterest boards as I’ve set up my boards to be the same as my blog categories and everything goes together nicely (it’s a good thing to do for your SEO ?).

Now save your settings.


Click on View tab on Facebook to see how it looks on Facebook and to make sure it’s working.

How to link Facebook to Pinterest quickly, easily, and for free

You should now have a link in your Facebook business page called Pinterest. If you click on this link, you will see the boards you selected to show. It’s really that easy!

How to link Facebook to Pinterest quickly, easily, and for free

Want to add other social media tabs to your Facebook page?

Once you’ve added your Pinterest page to Facebook, you can use Woobox to add other social media pages, too.

To do this, go to your Pinterest page in Facebook and look above your Pinterest profile name. Here you should see some pretty icons for the options available. I see that you can add Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

There are also many promo options there – Sweepstakes & Giveaways, Photo Contests, Instant Win Giveaways, Coupons & Vouchers. I haven’t used Woobox for any promos so I don’t know how well they work, but it definitely looks like something I should consider as part of my marketing strategy.

Just click on the icon for the social media account you want to link to Facebook, then follow the same prompts you followed above for your Pinterest account

Want to save this for later or share the love with others? Then save it to your favorite Pinterest board! ?

How to link Facebook to Pinterest quickly, easily, and for free