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Looking for a job just got much easier with this template and the best part is you can download and start working on your professional resume today.

Don’t spend hours trying to create the perfect resume on your own – you can download a professionally designed resume template right now.

Imagine If You Could…

  • Take action to quickly get your resume ready to apply for jobs
  • Download a template that you can begin working on immediately
  • Have control to change everything in your template – from the colors and fonts, to the sections and words
  • Have a simple guide to follow so you know how to make a resume
  • Avoid feeling stressed or guilty because your resume doesn’t exist or is outdated
  • Feel confident that recruiters will love the professional look and modern feel of your resume
  • Have more time to spend on the things you actually want to do

Yes, this resume template can give you all that 🙂

A Professional Resume Template in Word – A Simple Way To Build your resume

This resume template is perfect for you if you’re in college and need to find an entry level job or if you are a professional looking for a new job.

The format of this resume guides you through the sections to include in a resume, such as your skills, contact information, education and profile. Follow this template as a guide on how to make a resume.

This is a one page resume that will stand out from the crowd – the format is based on a resume that a recruiter friend sent to me and called ‘The best resume I’ve ever seen’. When she said that, I knew how powerful this layout was!

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The best resume I've ever seen

I made the template very easy and simple to use: Just download and save it, then start editing it in word. You have full control over the colors, fonts, and words.

You can use the resume with colors or take the black and white template depending on what industry you want to work in. The resume template with colors is fully editable – meaning you can change every color on the page. This will work well with creative and marketing industries. The black and white template is neutral and works better for other industries, such as if you are applying for teacher or nursing jobs.

Black and white resume template word example

You can use Microsoft Word on a PC to edit all the information in your resume. I am working on a version for Mac/iPhone.

And guess what? You can download the resume template below…

Get The Resume Template for Word Now

If you buy this resume template, you will be able to download and start working on your resume immediately – there is no wait. Please check the bottom of your screen or your downloads folder for the document. I will also email you a copy so you always have it.

It shouldn’t take you more than an hour to fill in everything and start sending it to recruitment agencies and HR departments.

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Black and white resume template word

Black & White Resume Template

Resume Tips and FAQsThe Only Resume Template You Need

Here are some resume tips and answer to questions about how to build your best resume:

1. Use verbs in your summary, experience and skills list

Verbs are doing words, such as organize, implement, perform, and create. Verbs are strong words that tell employers what actions you took, and it’s good to use them in your CV or resume.

2. How long should a resume be?

The best resumes are one page, but if you have a long work history you can use two pages. A general rule is that if you have less than 7 years’ experience, your resume should be no longer than one page.

Think about the person advertising the position – they will receive many, sometimes hundreds or thousands, of resumes from people applying for the job. A resume that is clean, easy to read and one page will catch their attention because it gives them all the information they need about you quickly at a glance, without reading ten pages about you to find out if you are a suitable candidate.

3. What skills should you put on your resume?

Skills are anything that you are good at and have experience in that will help you in the role you are applying for. You can list your computer skills, social and interpersonal skills (e.g. strong leader), and anything else related to the role.

Here’s a great tip from my recruiter friend: Check the job listing for the skills they are looking for. Find the skills you already have and put these in your list of skills on your resume. For example, if the recruiter is looking for someone with strong design skills, be sure to put the list of design programs you know well under your resume’s list of skills. When they see your resume skills list, they will know that you have what you need to do the job.

4. Only include relevant information

Keep your resume as clean and simple as possible. Your future employer doesn’t care if you won the Minute To Win It challenge your family had back in 2018. Keep only what is important to the job you are applying for and anything that will truly impress recruiters.

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Black and white resume template word

Black & White Resume Template

Wishing you all the best in your job search. Let us know how things go or if you have any resume tips in the comments below!