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Are you looking for fun emoji ideas for Easter Sunday? Then keep reading 😊

·       Baby chick emojis

There are three baby chick emojis – probably because they’re so darn cute – and all of them can be used for Easter!

The hatching chick emoji.

The adorable 🐣 hatching chick emoji shows a young chicken coming out of its eggshell, making it a visual representation of birth or the start of new life.

This moment of breaking free from a shell resonates deeply with Easter’s themes of rebirth and renewal. It’s all about starting new, which is the transformation that Easter celebrates.

The front-facing baby chick emoji.
The baby chick emoji.

On the other hand, the 🐤🐥hatched baby chick emojis show a chick that has already left its egg and is standing on its own.

This chick, often fluffy and looking curious or playful, symbolizes the innocence and purity of the new life that’s started. While it still ties back to themes of new beginnings, it leans more to the celebration of Easter and its many joys.

·       The rabbit emojis

The rabbit face emoji.

The 🐰 rabbit face emoji represents the Easter Bunny, of course.

The story goes that the Easter Bunny quietly hops around at night, when everyone’s asleep, and hides Easter eggs, gifts, and sweets.

So the rabbit face emoji is a fun emoji to use around Easter, making us think of all the excitement of discovering what the Easter Bunny has left for us.

The rabbit emoji.

Many people also use this rabbit emoji 🐇 when talking about the Easter Bunny, but I don’t think he’s as cute as the bunny face.

·       The carrot emoji

The 🥕carrot emoji is all about the Easter Bunny too because we all know that carrots are a bunny’s favorite snack…

Why do you think the Easter bunny eats so many carrots?

Because it’s good for his eyesight! You’ve never seen a rabbit wearing glasses, have you?

The carrot emoji.

The carrot emoji makes us think of the Easter bunny preparing for his big day of deliveries, adding a colorful, vitamin-enriched touch to Easter messages, giving us a bit of a break from all that melt-in-the-mouth chocolate and candy.

Let’s be honest, the Easter bunny would never be able to deliver all those goodies without eating carrots and taking good care of himself. Here’s the Easter Bunny’s wild emoji workout routine that makes sure he never misses a delivery.

·       The egg emoji

The 🥚 egg emoji has a special place in the heart of Easter traditions.

The egg emoji.

The egg represents new life, yes, much like the hatching chick emoji, but it’s also all about the fun to be had around this time.

During Easter, eggs take on a leading role!

They’re dyed in bright colors for crafts, decorated with designs, and used in all sorts of Easter games and printables.

Decorating eggs for Easter, known as pysanky in some traditions, turns a real egg into art. Each egg is painted with a pattern and becomes a personal symbol of hope and joy.

These eggs have been decorated with patterns for Easter.

Chocolate Easter eggs are given as gifts, eaten at home as snacks, and gifted by the Easter bunny himself.

·       Tulips and cherry blossoms

Many tulips and cherry trees bloom in March and April, which is around Easter time. Tulips are often seen in Easter displays and are popular around this time.

The tulip emoji.

Tulip and cherry blossom flowers’ vibrant colors and graceful shapes are one of nature’s first signs that winter is gone and spring has sprung.

It’s this beautiful transformation that makes them a perfect symbol for Easter – a time that celebrates new beginnings, hope, and amazing natural beauty.

The cherry blossom emoji.

Using the tulip or cherry blossom emojis in messages or posts during this time sends warm wishes, hope, and affection, much like sending a digital bouquet!

·       The chocolate bar emoji

What would Easter be without chocolate 🍫 🍫?

Here’s a little chocolate Easter joke for you:

What do you call a chocolate bunny that’s been lying in the sun?

A hot chocolate!

Click here for a awesome Easter jokes that’ll have the whole family laughing.

The chocolate bar emoji.

Easter and chocolate seem to have become inseparable.

Many people celebrate Easter with chocolate these days, and it’s usually shaped like eggs or bunnies.  So the chocolate emoji has made its way into the Easter emoji hall of fame, and we say it’s never too choco-“late” to add a sweet emoji to this list 🤣

·       The ribbon emoji

Easter is a holiday, and people love giving gifts whenever there’s a celebration and their family and friends come together.

You might notice the ribbon emoji popping up on social media and in your messages.

The ribbon emoji.

This is because the ribbon represents the gift-giving and sharing spirit of Easter, with many baskets and gifts wrapped in wonderful ribbons. Ribbons make any gift feel more special and thoughtful.

Many girls also love putting Easter ribbons in their hair, to celebrate the occasion.

And lucky for us, we can now get these cute Easter-themed ribbons for all our gifts and hairdos.

If you want to, you could also use the cute wrapped gift emoji with or instead of the ribbon:

The wrapped gift emoji.

·       The dove emoji

A dove symbolizes peace and the Holy Spirit in Christian traditions, which takes on the religious qualities of Easter.

The dove emoji.

This connection is rooted in biblical stories, where the dove is depicted as a messenger of peace and a representation of divine presence.

Using the dove emoji during Easter time helps believers remember the promise of new beginnings and the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and acts as a reminder of the transformative power of faith and the peace that comes with spiritual renewal.

Sending a dove to someone is like saying, “I hope you enjoy peace at this time, and that your heart is filled with home and the calm and joy of this wonderful season.


Here’s a list of fun Easter emoji combinations to try and what they mean. Enjoy!