Great, you’ve decided to start an email list. Honestly, we take off our tiaras and applaud you. Email marketing is one of the BEST ways to reach people and build a relationship with your visitors and potential customers.

Our post on marketing talks about emails in depth, with handy hints and stacks of other marketing methods and tools. But here I’d like to really focus on the email marketing companies you can choose from for your email system, whether you’d like to send out newsletters, announcements, coupon codes, or use things like landing pages to increase sales and add value (click here to read our full list of digital products you can easily create and offer to your readers).

Remember that the email service provider that works for you now might not be the best one for you later. This is a little dance, and you choose the steps as your business grows. Your needs will change, so be flexible about your service provider.

In this post we look at some of the main players, weigh up what they offer and how much they cost. Then we answer some frequently asked questions about common features that are available.

Before deciding who to use, you will need to answer two questions:

Question 1: What do I need from an email marketing company?

Think carefully about what your needs are now and what you might need in the near future.

Do you just want to send out a weekly newsletter to your subscribers? Do you want to analyse the data of your subscribers so you can personalize products for them? Do you want to use your emails to sell products or create adverts on social media?

Write down your basic needs.

Question 2: How much can you afford to pay for an email marketing service?

If you are just starting out and have no income yet, then I highly suggest you go for a free service. Most service providers offer a free one-month trial or the service for free up to a certain number of subscribers.

If you have some income and can afford to invest in emails, then look at using paid options to quickly grow subscribers and sales.

Are you ready to start comparing?

CompanyMailer LiteAweberConstant ContactMail Chimp
Newsletter templates
Email automation
(with Email Plus plan)
Mobile friendly?
Tracking e.g. how many people open your emails
PricingFree: 1 – 1 000 subscribers
$10: 1 001 – 2 500 subscribers
$20: 2 501 – 5 000 subscribers
30-day free trial
$19: 0 – 500 subscribers, unlimited emails
$29: 501 – 2 500 subscribers
1 month free
$20: 0 – 500 subscribers on Email plan
$45: 0 – 500 subscribers on Email PLUS plan
Free: 0 – 2 000 subscribers
$10: 1 – 500 subscribers, Growing Business plan
$209: 500 subscribers, With Pro plan
Other featuresUnlimited emails
Drag-and-drop editor
Landing pages, pop-ups & embedded forms
A/B split testing
Access to marketing experts 7 days a week
Signup forms
6 000+ stock photos
Educational resources
Email plan
Image library
Live support
Email PLUS plan
Marketing calendar
Subject line A/B testing
Landing pages, pop-up forms
Google remarketing ads
Facebook and Instagram ads
Abandoned cart

Here are some FAQs about online marketing features

What is a landing page?

A landing page is not a homepage (the main first page on a website). It is a page that is dedicated to a marketing or advertising campaign.

Say, for example, you are promoting your new ebook and write about it in your newsletter. You will create a landing page for the ebook and then put a link in the newsletter for readers to click on. This link will take them straight to your landing page, which tells them all about the book and where to buy it.

So a landing page is where a visitor ‘lands’ to get more info. You will use landing pages to get the visitor to take action on something, e.g. buy your ebook or sign up for a course. It also helps you capture information about who to makert to in future, as you know who is clicking through to read about your products. Then you can tailor products for them.

What is a pop-up?

A pop-up is a small frame or window that literally pops up suddenly when a visitor is looking at your website. You can ask the reader to sign up for your newsletter or take some other action (such as visit your landing page).

The reader has a choice to take action or close the pop-up. Pop-ups do grab attention, but can be annoying so be careful how you use them.

What is an embedded form?

An embedded form is any form that becomes part of your website. It saves readers time by not having to click through to another form on another site. It also makes your website look more professional.

Embedded forms are customizable and often brandable, which adds a lot of value when you need them.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is also called split testing. Here you can create two versions of something – one called A, the other called B.

Then you use both, sending A and B out to different readers or visitors. The service measures the performance of both so you can see which one gets the job done best.

Say you create two adverts. You can create one version A and another version B, which are advertising the same thing but with different images and test. You can run the advert for a week or two, then check which advert performs best. Now you know which one to spend money promoting and which one to leave. There is a lot to learn when you do this, if you check the stats.

What are Google remarketing ads?

Visitors may visit your site every day but not take any action. Remarketing makes it possible for Google to track these visitors. It then shows your adverts to these previous visitors when they are on other sites, such as YouTube, news sites or browsing the internet.

Why would you want to do this? To keep your brand in their minds and to entice them to visit your site again. If they’ve visited you before, then they are likely to visit you again. They may just need to be reminded to do so.

What is an abandoned cart?

This is when a visitor adds items to their cart from your online store or website, but they never pay for the goods. So they ‘abandond’ the shopping cart before finishing the buying process.

Some email marketing services let you identify these customers and follow up with them, so you can ask them if they have any questions, need help, or would like to complete their purchase.

♥ ♥ ♥

Have you chosen an email marketing team to partner with yet? It’s an important resource and will serve you well, if you put the thought and effort into using the marketing tools available to you.

I hope I’ve inspired you to sign up and start reaching people with your wonderful emails. Good luck!

♥ ♥ ♥