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Do you have calendars to plan your life, the upcoming holidays, your social media, blog post content and overall digital strategy? What about your traffic and email subscriber goals? Here are free January 2020 calendar printables to help you set up your best organized year ever!

They say that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Well that won’t be you in 2020 now that you have access to these cute free January 2020 calendars. You can use these free printables to:

  • Meet all your deadlines and keep track of important appointments and events
  • Plan for the holidays and promote your brand on many other days too
  • Connect with your audience with relevant social media content
  • Plan your blog posts and always be ready for trends and popular topics before they start
  • Set your own goals for traffic, income and email subscribers, to stay motivated all month long and track your progress
  • Decorate your office with these pretty calendars and never miss an important date again

I’m dedicated to making life easier and more beautiful for YOU. That’s why I’m sharing these January 2020 calendar templates in several versions: a blank calendar, a calendar with holidays, and a calendar that you can use for your social media marketing plan and to increase traffic to your blog.

They’re all available for free for personal use –  Please don’t sell them or give them away.

All the calendar printables are available for download in a PDF at the end of this post – just click on the picture of the final calendar and it will download for you in a new tab

Blank January 2020 Calendar

This is a pretty blank calendar for January 2020, where you can keep track of appointments, goals, deadlines, and many other things. Just print it out and put it in your office to stay organized and on top of everything.

Free blank January 2020 calendar printable

January 2020 Calendar With Holidays

Everyone loves the holidays, and there are some exciting ones in January!

There are two versions of the holiday planner for you, one with the federal holidays listed and another with federal and other holidays/topics, to help you with your marketing plan.

January 2020 calendar with holidays


January 2020 calendar with holidays

Take a quick look at the upcoming month to see what sort of social media posts to schedule. Your social media marketing plan will be much easier, as you’ll know what people are talking about and you can talk to them about it at the right time, too.

January 2020 Social Media Calendar

If you’re going big this year with growth in your blog or online business, then this is the calendar template for you!

Click on the image below for the full PDF download of all the January 2020 printable calendars:

This is what I personally use in my own business to grow Tiara Tribe.

Print a copy of this calendar to see, at a glance, all the holidays and notable days coming up in January 2020.

Plan and write blog posts based on the list of popular content topics for the month, then make sure you promote these on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn in January. You’ll never wonder what to write about or promote again.

I also find it helpful to track my stats as it motivates me to see how far I’ve come over the past few months and years. Put in your stats at the beginning of January, then set goals for where you want to be by the end of January 2020.

If you fill in your growth goals you will know what to focus on and can do your best to reach those goals by the end of the month.

The easiest and most effective way to market on social media

If you’ve written a blog post or created a product, people won’t know about it unless you tell them. They will rarely come back to check what’s new, but they will often come back if they see something on social media that gets their attention or reminds them of you.

I truly believe that social media marketing should be a priority for you in 2020 if you plan to grow your business. I’ve grown my blog traffic by 275% in the past 90 days by focusing on social media and promoting some posts and pins.

If you’re setting up your social media accounts or need to revamp them, then you can find all the best social media image sizes for Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube in this article. If you just want a quick up-to-date reference table, then see my tool for the social media image sizes for all of these accounts and paper sizes too.

Here’s the easiest and most effective social media marketing strategy I use to increase traffic, bring visitors back to the site, and to sell my products:

STEP 1: Create or revamp relevant content

I publish blog posts about topics that are popular right now or that will be popular within the next 3 months. I try to get out at least one new post per week. You’ll find a list of trending and upcoming topics on the social media planner calendar.

I also take older blog posts with relevant content and update them. I try to do one of these a week too. I also add links in those blog posts to my other relevant posts, so Google knows they are related and understands how my content fits together.

STEP 2: Create as many graphics as possible

Create a lot of graphics for each post. Honestly, I’ve found that the more you can make the better.

You can make a great featured image, graphics to include in the post, graphics of your freebies and/or lead magnets, infographics, and lots of pins (scroll down to the end of this post to see how many I have just for this post). Images are your friend on social media as these are visual platforms!

Keep your graphics consistent with your brand, so people ‘recognize’ you as they spot you on social media. Put your logo on pictures so if people see your images, they will know where to find you even if the link to your site has been lost somewhere on its cyber journey.

If you haven’t nailed down your brand yet, fill one it in with things like your standard brand colors and fonts. It will save you tons of time when creating graphics and designs. Once you get some practice, you’ll be able to create lots of graphics quite quickly and easily.

STEP 3: Schedule out your social media content

I then spend 30-90 minutes a week scheduling all my social media posts in advance using two important tools I chat about below: Edgar and Tailwind.

Tools To Schedule Social Media Content


One tool I use is called Edgar – if you use this special affiliate link you’ll get $10 off the monthly price forever ????

MeetEdgar is a small female-owned business, just like mine (I love supporting small businesses whenever I can).

You can use Edgar to pull in all your blog posts (old and new) and upload any other content in one sitting. You then schedule them out to all your social media in one sitting. Don’t worry, there’s an Edgar university and tutorials to show you how to use the tool, plus they often have live sessions to schedule social media content together and answer any questions you might have. This is another reason I love it when owners are involved in their business.

Edgar the octopus also creates different versions of your posts to repurpose your content several times and in different ways. This means you get bang for your buck because you can use the same post several times without creating new content for it (big time saver and gets you more traffic). It then posts this content when each account is most active to get the highest engagement.

Edgar works on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can find the best social media image sizes using this handy little guide I put together for you. Another popular post to check out is the most popular hashtags for Instagram.


I grew my Pinterest account a lot in 2019 and this social media marketing platform brings great traffic to this blog. It’s much faster than waiting for organic traffic from Google, trust me. You might have even found me on Pinterest ????

I use Tailwind to schedule all my pins, which can be scheduled as far in advance as you want. This makes life much easier than trying to manually pin or upload content. Tailwind also shows you how to schedule pins once you’re in the dashboard. If you use my affiliate link (Tailwind) you will get one month free to try out the service. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try help.

If you’re looking to boost your Pinterest marketing, try setting up a Pinterest business account (a must-have and it’s free) and linking your Pinterest account to Facebook.