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If you’re looking for all the emojis that begin with the letter R, you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find a list of emojis that start with R, broken up into categories, along with their meanings and examples of how to use them…

Body part emojis that start with R

Raised back of hand emoji

The raised back of hand emoji

The raised back of hand emoji shows the reverse or back side of a human hand, in an upright position.

Many people get this emoji confused with the front of the raised hand emoji (we’ll talk about this one in a bit), so both of these emojis are often used for the same things.

The raised back of hand emoji can be used to say hi or bye, as in “Hi! 👋”, similar to waving. It can also represent you putting your hand up, showing that you have a question, you’re there, or that you’d like a chance to say something.

Some people even use the raised back of hand emoji for voting – if you use this emoji, it means you agree with or are in favor with whatever’s being voted on.

The raised back of hand emoji also lets people know that you should be counted in to do something. For example, if someone asks in a group chat who is joining them for a movie on Friday night, you could respond with 👋, which says: Yes, I’ll be there!

Other times this emoji is used as a high five in response to something positive or exciting shared between friends, such as “Well done! 👋 [high five]”

Raised fist emoji

The raised fist emoji

You can read all about the raised fist emoji and its wonderful history in this blog post.

The raised fist emoji shows a clenched fist held up in the air, which symbolizes a range of emotions and messages – from solidarity and support to triumph and resistance.

The raised fist has its roots in political movements, being used to signify unity, support for a cause, or defiance against oppression. Online, this symbol has been adopted to show strong feelings and support in text messages and on social media.

Use this emoji when talking about a cause that you support, like in messages of activism or awareness campaigns where you are bringing the people together.

You can also use the raised fist emoji when you win something or reach a goal, to show your pride and accomplishment.

This emoji can also be seen as a cheerleader. Use it when you want to tell someone that you’re cheering for them and you are trying to motivate them to stay strong and keep going.

Animal emojis that start with R

Rabbit emoji

Rabbit face emoji
The rabbit face emoji.

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The 🐰 rabbit emoji is a charming depiction of a fluffy bunny, often portrayed in various shades of gray or brown.

This adorable creature is often used to to show cuteness, innocence, and playfulness online or in messages. Whether sending Easter greetings, talking about your love for your pets, or simply adding a little fun to a conversation, the rabbit emoji is a versatile symbol of warmth and joy.