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If you’re a blogger, you’re aware you need to connect with your readers on social media. Amazing Facebook images will help you get your message out there, but you’re probably not a designer who knows this ‘Facebook image size’ stuff out of your head. No problem! Here’s the Best Facebook Image Sizes Guide For Bloggers, plus an awesome checklist to get your Facebook business page and Facebook group up and running for your blog today.

With Facebook news feeds being checked by more than 2 billion users every month, you can’t afford to ignore your blog’s presence on Facebook. But I get it – all those profiles, events and groups can get very confusing.

Today we’ll walk through every page you need to create Facebook images for, the sizes they display/show on Facebook, and the sizes you should make your images (no, display sizes aren’t the same as actual image sizes). You see, Facebook automatically resizes an image based on where the image is shown and on what device. Someone reading on a retina display screen will see a much higher quality version of your picture than someone squinting at a small smartphone screen. Those free template sizes on PicMonkey and Canva don’t take this into account!

So, we should make Facebook image sizes as BIG as possible, knowing that when Facebook adjusts the images and shows them everywhere, our readers see the best quality image at any size. I’ve spent the past three days researching all of this (the best references are at the end of this post) and putting it together for you in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand way. That was the goal!

Let’s work through the easiest Facebook Image Sizes Guide For Bloggers ever:

Facebook display image sizes overview

Below is an overview of the Facebook image sizes that Facebook recommends or displays. These are the minimum sizes you should create your images if you insist on using them, but like I said above, experts recommend going much, much bigger than this so that your images look good wherever they go.

These Facebook image sizes are given in pixels.

These are DISPLAY sizes for Facebook - to read the full post about expert-recommended creation and upload Facebook image sizes, click >>HERE<<.
Personal Facebook Page
Profile picture
168 x 168
Cover picture
851 x 315
1125 x 633 retina display
Timeline picture
492 max width
Height varies
Shared link
476 x 249
Business Facebook Page
Profile picture / logo160 x 160
Cover picture820 x 312
Timeline picture492 max width
Height varies
Shared link476 x 249
Video600 min width
Group Facebook Page
Cover picture820 x 332
Cover picture1200 x 628
Timeline470 x 174

Where you need to use Facebook images

Now’s the time to create all your Facebook images. There are four pages or places on Facebook where you can use images and get your brand out there. The four pages for Facebook images are:

  1. Personal Facebook Page
  2. Business Facebook Page
  3. Facebook Group Page
  4. Event Page

The checklist at the end gives you a great list for setting these up along with your Facebook images.

Now let’s take a look at what you will use each page for and what images you can create for each page.

Personal Facebook Page Image Sizes

This is the ‘original’ Facebook page and you probably already have a personal profile. It’s where you find old school friends and post pictures of your awesome garden projects or your kids chasing the dog. This is NOT where you will promote your blog or business and you aren’t allowed to do this anyway – it’s against Facebook’s terms to use a personal page for a business. Keep your personal page separate from your blog and stick to personal use only.

You’ll need a personal Facebook page to set up your other pages where you can promote your blog, so be sure to get one if you haven’t done so yet. Here’s an overview of the types of images you can post on your personal Facebook page:

The best Facebook Image Sizes Guide For Bloggers

You will see later that your personal page looks a lot like your business page (yay!). Here are the recommended Facebook image sizes for your personal Facebook page, along with other interesting info you might need:

1. Facebook profile picture: 320 x 320 pixels

Upload a photo of yourself or whatever you like here. This is the profile picture that people will see when they search for you (not your blog) on Facebook. You picture will show on your personal Facebook page and whenever you comment on other people’s timelines. When you upload your square profile picture to your personal Facebook page, it will be cropped into a circle like this:

Facebook profile picture Display size: 168 x 168 pixels, so this is your minimum size for your file.

The recommended upload size is 320 x 320 pixels, but you can upload an image up to 2048 x 2048 pixels! Just make sure it’s a square with equal width and height.

When you make a comment on a timeline, your profile picture shrinks to 40 x 40 pixels.

2. Facebook cover photo: 2037 x 754 pixels

Here’s another opportunity to give a pretty touch to your Facebook page. The cover photo is also know as the Facebook banner image. Upload an image that reflects your style, hobbies, family, etc. This won’t be used to directly promote your blog, but it does reflect your personal brand.

Display size: 851 x 315 pixels but 1125 x 633 pixels on retina displays (which are becoming more and more popular), so 1125 x 633 pixels should be the minimum image size for your Facebook cover photo.

Recommended upload size: 2037 x 754 pixels

3. Timeline image: 1200 x 628 pixels

These are the pictures you upload to your news feed and that show on your timeline, for people to see.

Display size: 492 pixels is the maximum width. The height changes depending on if you upload a square, portrait or landscape image.

Experts recommend you make timeline images 1200 x 628 pixels, but the maximum, highest quality you can go is 2048 x 2048 pixels!

Business Facebook Page Image Sizes

Sign up for a free Facebook business page to promote your blog (as I said earlier, you’ll need a personal page before you can get a business account). Now you can start uploading your amazing images!

Here are the types of pictures that can be uploaded to your Facebook business page:

The best Facebook Image Sizes Guide For Bloggers

You will notice that the business page is very similar to the personal page layout, but the profile photo does not sit on top of the cover photo. This is so that it doesn’t cut out anything in the cover photo, but remember to keep all the important details of your cover photo in the center of your cover photo, otherwise it might get cut off when someone looks at your page on their phone or tablet.

See how I’ve kept a lot of white space around the edge of my cover photo? That was done intentionally so my cover photo looks good on all devices!

The best Facebook Image Sizes Guide For Bloggers

You might struggle to see it, but there’s a little white video camera in the top-left corner of the cover photo. This indicates that you can upload a video instead of an image. That’s on my blog to-do list 🙂

The best Facebook Image Sizes Guide For Bloggers


You can put links to your latest blog posts on your business page timeline and promote whatever you sell on your blog. Having a business page also lets you run Facebook ads, which is a great topic for another day as this post focuses on Facebook pages. Here are the recommended Facebook business page image sizes and other info that might interest you:

1. Facebook profile picture / Logo: 180 x 180 pixels

You can have a close-up picture of yourself here or use your blog’s logo, whichever works best for your brand. The profile picture on your business page is slightly smaller than your personal profile because it sits alone on the top-left of the page, unlike the personal page where it sits on top of the cover photo with more space.

Display size: 160 x 160 pixels

Recommended size: 180 x 180 pixels, but you can go up to 850 x 850 pixels if you want to!

2. Facebook cover photo: 1958 x 745 pixels

I’ve shown you my cover photo above. Again, remember to put your most important details in the center of the picture as Facebook automatically cuts off the edges on different devices.

Display size: 820 x  312 pixels

Recommended size: 1958 x 745 pixels – this is slightly smaller than your personal page because it leaves room for the profile photo on the left.

3. Facebook shared links / blog post links: 1200 x 628 pixels

Shared links are the pictures that show up for websites that you share on Facebook, such as when you type in and a picture automatically shows up on your timeline.

I share a link to every blog post on my business page. Just be warned: Facebook shows the center of the image, up to 476 x 249 pixels, and removes all the details around this central area. I used to fill every featured blog image with text from top to bottom, which looked awful every time I shared a link on Facebook because it got cut off! Just like this lovely example:

How not to get your images cut off in Facebook

Now I keep the text lower down in my featured images and more to the center, to work around Facebook’s cropping. This makes it easier to read what the blog post is about because it’s less likely to get cut off! Here’s what my shared images look like now:

How not to get your images cut off in Facebook

There’s no other way to fix this because Facebook won’t let you adjust or upload another image for shared links anymore.

Display size: 476 x 249 pixels

Recommended size: 1200 x 628 pixels, but keep text/important details in the center within 476 x 249 pixels

4. Facebook timeline images: 984 pixels wide

Any images that you upload directly to your timeline will display at a maximum width of 492 pixels. You don’t give a link to your blog or another website with these images (otherwise it becomes a shared link and Facebook automatically pulls up an image from the website for that). My timeline images images are mostly images I share from Instagram.

Display size: 492 pixels wide – height depends on the format of the image (square, landscape or portrait)

Recommended size: 984 pixels wide – adjust the height to suit your content. You can go up to 2048 pixels for single image uploads.

Facebook Group Page Image Sizes

A group page is where you can host a group for your blog or a challenge, or anything else you think your audience will love. People can join and post things, and you can answer questions and get involved. Here’s the cover picture for a challenge that I’m running (the group has just been created and I haven’t opened it yet):

The best Facebook Image Sizes Guide For Bloggers

If you’d like to join the free challenge (which I hope you do as it’s going to be awesome), then you can sign up here: Tiara Tribe’s Faster Blogging Challenge

When creating a cover photo for your group, be sure to make it bigger than necessary as you need to tell Facebook which area of the image to show – it won’t show your entire image.

Display size: 820 x 332 pixels, but the minimum is 820 x 461 pixels

Recommended size: 1640 x 922 pixels

Facebook Event Page Image Sizes

An event on Facebook is something you host on a specific day or time, such as a webinar or training session. You can let your readers know about this in advance, so they show up or can watch it later.

You can invite people from you group page or your business page to join your event, or you can send out a link to your email subscribers to join (which is a great marketing tip for growing your engaged audience). Those you invite can RSVP, and you will be able to see who will attend, who won’t attend, and who might attend. There is even a reminder that pops up on invitees’ personal Facebook page to remind them to join your event.

1. Cover photo: 1000 x 524 pixels

Display size: 500 x 262 pixels

Recommended size: 1000 x 524 pixels

Interested in all social media image sizes?

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Want to get the free checklist to set up your Facebook business and event pages today?

The best Facebook image sizes guide for bloggers

Just click on the image above for an immediate download!

FAQs about Facebook Image Sizes

What size should a Facebook post image be?

A Facebook post image should be a minimum of 476 pixels wide by 249 pixels high. You can make your image much larger than that, but Facebook will crop it to show the center of the pictures, so keep text and important info there.

What is the size of a Facebook banner?

A Facebook banner or cover picture, displays at 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high, but you can make your Facebook banner much bigger than that – up to 2037 x 754 pixels according to the experts.

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The best Facebook image sizes guide for bloggers