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Are you looking for ideas for fun St Patrick’s’ Day emojis on 17 March? Then keep reading 😊

6 fun St Patrick’s Day Emojis

·       The shamrock or four leaf clover emoji

The traditional symbol for St Patrick’s Day is the shamrock, which has just three leaves.

This is the shamrock emoji – see how it has 3 leaves?

Legend has it that St Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) to people in Ireland a long, long time ago. That’s why you’ll often see shamrocks on anything related to Irish culture and celebrations, like St Patrick’s Day.

But most people use the four-leaf clover for St Patricks’ Day. Why? Probably because it’s better known around the world…

This is the four-leaf clover emoji. It has four leaves.

The four-leaf clover emoji (🍀) is all about good luck and is being used more and more for St Patrick’s Day. It’s very rare to see a clover with four leaves – I spent hours trying to find one as a child – so if you do find one, you’re considered to be super lucky.

Each leaf has taken on its own meaning in the clover: hope, faith, love, and, of course, luck.

So, on St Patrick’s Day, or really anytime you’re feeling a bit Irish or in need of some good fortune, tossing a 🍀 into your messages or social media posts is like spreading a little bit of magical fortune around.

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·       The flag of Ireland emoji

The flag of Ireland emoji

The Irish flag emoji is a beautiful symbol full of meaning and history, deeply connected to the heart of St Patrick’s Day celebrations. You see St Patrick’s Day, which we all know and love for the parades, green attire, and perhaps a pint of Guinness, finds its roots deep in Irish history.

It’s a day celebrated in honor of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, known for bringing Christianity to the Irish people.

The flag’s three vertical stripes each tell a part of Ireland’s story. The green stripe stands for the Irish Catholic and nationalist community, while the orange represents the Irish Protestant minority.

The white in the middle? Well, that’s a symbol of peace, bringing together the two communities and hoping for unity in the future.

Over the years, March 17th has grown into a global celebration of Irish culture, and so it’s common to use the Irish flag emoji when talking about this wonderfully quirky Irish day.

·       The top hat emoji

The top-hat emoji

When you see the top hat 🎩 emoji, especially if it’s next to something green, your mind probably jumps to one of Ireland’s most mischievous and beloved mythical figures: the leprechaun.

Why? Because everyone knows a leprechaun wears a top hat much like this one!

Here’s a cheeky leprechaun wearing a green top hat.

Leprechauns are cheeky little fairy folk from Irish folklore known for their solitary ways, shoemaking skills, and, most importantly, their hidden pots of gold.

They’ve been part of Irish stories for centuries, and, if you’re lucky enough to catch one, they might grant you three wishes or lead you to their treasure in exchange for their freedom.

The hat emoji is a nod to the rich tapestry of stories and traditions that Ireland has gifted to the world, wrapped up in the whimsy and wonder of chasing rainbows, finding gold, and the playful spirit of those elusive leprechauns.

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·       The rainbow emoji

This is the rainbow emoji.

The rainbow 🌈 emoji, a splash of vibrant colors arching across your screen, is a direct line to the enchanting world of leprechauns.

According to the tales that have been passed down through generations, leprechauns stash their treasure at the end of every rainbow. Find the end of a rainbow, and you’ll find a pot of gold.

On St Patrick’s Day, everyone’s invited to dream a little bigger, chase their own “pot of gold,” whatever that may be for them, and embrace the playful spirit of Irish folklore.

This emoji is often used with the hat emoji when talking about St Patrick’s Day.

·       The beer mug or clinking beer mugs emojis

The beer mug emoji

Whenever St Patrick’s Day rolls around, you’ll likely see a lot of the beer mug (🍺) and the clinking beer mugs (🍻) emojis popping up in texts, social media feeds, and party invitations.

These emojis perfectly capture the celebratory spirit of the holiday.

These clinking beer mugs are a popular St Patrick’s Day emoji.

I also have to mention here the iconic green beer of St Patrick’s Day, which is a festive twist on the usual pint that’s become synonymous with March 17th festivities. This tradition of dyeing beer green is a relatively modern addition to the celebrations, but people love it.

These people are drinking beer that’s been colored green, which has become very popular on St Patrick’s Day.

So, when you send a 🍺 or 🍻 emoji to friends on St Patrick’s Day, you’re not just suggesting a round of drinks. You’re inviting them to be part of a global celebration, to enjoy the camaraderie and the cheer that comes with sharing a pint.

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·       The green heart emoji

Green is the color most associated with St Patrick’s Day.

Green heart emoji

The green heart emoji is like a little burst of St Patrick’s Day joy, capturing the essence of the holiday in a single, vibrant symbol.

St Patrick’s Day is all about embracing everything Irish, and what color could be more Irish than green? From the lush landscapes of Ireland, often called the Emerald Isle, to the green in the Irish flag.

When you use the green heart emoji around St Patrick’s Day, it’s like you’re wrapping up a whole lot of love and pride for Irish culture and sending it out into the world. It’s a way to show your enthusiasm for the holiday, whether you’re Irish by blood or just Irish at heart for the day.

Fun St Patrick’s Day emoji combinations

Here are some fun ideas for emoji combinations to celebrate St Patrick’s Day:

  • 🍀🌈 – Chasing luck and wonders.
  • 🍺💚 – Cheers to green beers and good cheer.
  • 🎩🍀 – A leprechaun’s lucky charm.
  • 🇮🇪 [Irish Flag]🎉 – Celebrating the heart of Ireland.
  • 🍻🎶 – Toasts and tunes, the Irish way.
  • 🟢🧚‍♀️ – Magic and mischief in green.
  • 🍀🍺 – Luck in every sip.
  • 🌈💰 – Hunting for treasure at the rainbow’s end.
  • 🇮🇪 [Irish Flag]🍀 – Ireland and its emblematic clover.
  • 💚🎩 – Donning green from head to toe.
  • 🍺🇮🇪 – A pint to the Irish.
  • 🎶💚 – Songs that touch the heart.
  • 🟢🍻 – Green festivities.
  • 🍀🌈🍺 – Luck, wonders, and celebrations.
  • 💚 🇮🇪 [Irish Flag] – Love for Ireland.
  • 🎩🍻 – Leprechaun’s night out.
  • 🌈🟢 – Dreams and hopes in Irish hues.
  • 🍀💚🎶 – The rhythm of the clover.
  • 🎩💚🌈 – A leprechaun’s journey.
  • 🍺🎩🍀 – A toast to mythical luck.