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If you have a new blog, then you probably need help with what to write about and how to flesh it all out into an awesome blog. As a writer, I have a great understanding of this process. I thought about giving you a long list of generic blog post titles to copy, similar to the ones you find on the internet. But then I realized I’m different and it would be way better to give you a 2-page guide on my personal system for easily coming up with blog post ideas for beginners…

As a blogger, you’ll need to write blog posts that connect with your audience. And a lot of them. You should always write high-quality posts that fulfill a need for your reader. If you do this, your readers will be more likely to stick around and read more posts, become loyal fans, and share your work with others. It’s a win-win for you both, so coming up with awesome blog post ideas is a skill you really need to master.

Remember that this is a marathon and not a race. The more you use my system and put it into practice, the easier it will become to come up with blog post ideas. Start by focusing on one niche and creating excellent blog categories, so your content attracts a consistent audience and it’s easier to market your blog and optimize your SEO.

Remember to download the free guide at the end of this post, which outlines my exact process for easily coming up with awesome blog post ideas for beginners. It will help you fill your blog with content that gives your readers exactly what they want. But what do they really want?

What do blog readers really want?

Readers usually visit a website for one of the following reasons:

  • To be entertained
  • To get information on a topic
  • To be inspired
  • To learn a skill or something new
  • To buy a product or service
  • To be part of a community
  • Because someone told them about you
  • They saw you somewhere online and wanted to know more

Why are you here right now? What drew you in to read this article in the first place? Are you getting what you expected?

Start thinking about this whenever you visit a blog to understand your reasons for visiting and to determine if the blog post meets your needs. Think about what the blog post is missing or what it does well to give you what you want. Learn from this and apply what you learn to your own blog and writing.

How to give readers what they want

You give your readers what they want by writing blog posts that fulfill at least one of their needs above. Here are 4 simple steps to follow:


Start by coming up with blog post ideas using my 2-page guide that you can get by clicking on the picture below:

Looking for blog post ideas? Here's a free 2-page guide with my personal system for coming up with blog post ideas


Decide which reader need you want to meet, then write an extremely good blog post that meets this need.


Edit your post until you are sure it’s excellent – don’t put anything but amazing content out there!


Then create a blog title that tells the reader what you will give them in the blog post, so they know what need you will meet from the start.

Rules for writing great blog posts

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Here are some rules to apply when you are writing one of your excellent blog posts:

  • Write for your reader, using language that is easy to read and understand. If your reader doesn’t understand a word or concept, they won’t make the effort to ask you about it or look it up. You aren’t there in the room with them to explain what a word means, so make sure the reader will understand everything you write without needing a dictionary.
  • Write in the first person to connect with readers – use ‘I’ and ‘you’ instead of ‘one’ or ‘they’.
  • Have one idea per paragraph in your blog post. Don’t jump between multiple ideas in a paragraph because it will just confuse the reader. And keep paragraphs short and sweet – about three sentences per paragraph is enough.
  • Follow my ultimate blog post template from day one, to structure your content in a way that leads the reader through your story.

How to engage your readers and inspire them to share your content

We live in a social world and the sharing of your content is probably going to be a big deal breaker in your success or failure online.

If you’ve written a valuable article that fulfills a need, there’s a good chance that readers will be willing to share it with others. But you probably need to ask them to do so and you must make it easy for them.

Ask your readers to leave a comment at the end of the post in the comments section. Include social media sharing buttons on your blog page and ask readers to share the post or follow you online for more great content.

Why do you want them to share the love?

Search engines like Google and social media platforms track the interaction you have with your readers and followers. The more engaged they are and the longer they spend on your blog or social media profile, the higher your blog will rank and the more likely your social content will be shown to potential visitors.