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Want to add a personal touch to your blog posts? Start with a pretty blog signature that signs you off and adds a little sparkle to your page. It’s super-easy to make a blog signature and today I’ll show you exactly how to do it, for free, in under 10 minutes. Plus I’ve designed 20 free pre-made blog signature templates for you to choose from and use – it couldn’t be easier!

I’ve just been having a healthy snack and playing around on my laptop to create a new, pretty blog signature. Have you seen some bloggers ending their blog posts with a handwritten name? I think it looks great and thought I could improve my own signature. I have been inspired, ladies!

Here’s what my previous blog signature looked like:





I created it in PicMonkey a while back. But it’s always fun to see what else you can do, so I created this new blog signature in 10 minutes flat, using free tools, and no coding or plugins:





Want to know how I did this so you can create your own free blog signature? Then just keep on reading…

Step 1: Create a handwritten signature

This step will create a basic handwritten blog signature with your name. You can use it as it is, add pictures or kisses to it in PicMonkey or Canva, or paste your name directly into one of the free pre-made blog signature design templates in my resource library at the end of this post.

Let’s get started.

To create a handwritten signature, visit My Live Signature and click on START NOW.

Click ‘Start‘ under ‘Create using our step-by-step wizard’.

How to create a blog signature

Then follow the simple steps it takes you through:

  1. Fill in your own name for your blog signature
  2. Choose a font you like (I chose Font 15)
  3. Choose a fairly large signature size as you can always make it smaller later (I chose Size #9)
  4. Decide if you’d like your signature to be in a straight line or at an angle (I chose Slope 4)
  5. Now choose your background color and font color (my background is white and I used my blog’s coral color for the font)

You will get a preview of your signature in all its glory. If you’re happy with it, click NEXT. And you’re done!

Now download your handwritten blog signature:

How to create a blog signature

Save your image to your computer.

Step 2: Add personal elements to the handwritten blog signature

You can use the handwritten blog signature just as it is, if you like. But if you want to add other gorgeous elements, you can do so yourself in PicMonkey, Canva, or using my pre-made design templates.

Here’s how to do it yourself in PicMonkey:

Go to PicMonkey and create a new blank template this size: 300 pixels x 150 pixels.

Insert your saved handwritten blog signature by clicking on ‘Add an image‘ on the top left of the page. Now add your logo or any shape you like, such as a heart. Click ‘Add text‘ to add a text box. Now add kisses or hugs in the text box. I made the kisses in the same coral color as my name and used the Channel font.

How to create a blog signature

Play around with these elements in PicMonkey until you have a signature you like. Then export it as a low-res jpg and save it to your computer. (Always download small low-res or medium-res files for your website. Large files slow it down and are bad for SEO as they annoy Google – see this article that explains exactly how to optimize your images to make your blog faster.)

Now here’s the fun and easy way to use one of my pre-made blog signature templates:

Sign into the resource library at the end of this post and download the blog signature templates. Unzip the file and extract the jpg templates to your computer.

Take a look at the templates and choose the one you like most.

Open PicMonkey, click on ‘CREATE NEW‘, ‘Computer‘, then click on the pre-made template you want to use. It will open in PicMonkey. Here is what one of the templates looks like:

How to create a blog signature

Now click on ‘Add an image‘, ‘Computer’, and select the handwritten signature you created in step 1. This will be added to your template, looking something like this:

How to create a blog signature

Play around with your name – make it bigger, change the angle and move it to where it looks great. You can use ‘Add text‘ to add some kisses and hugs, if you like.

Here’s what my blog signature looks like once I’ve made my handwritten signature bigger and slightly slanted, with a kiss in Channel font to finish it off:

How to create a blog signature

Once you’re happy with your new creation, export it as a low-res jpg and save it to your computer. Here’s mine:

How to create a blog signature

Step 3: Upload your new blog signature to WordPress

Go to one of your blog posts in WordPress. Click on the spot where you’d like to insert your new blog signature. Click on ‘Add Media‘ at the top of the page and upload your new signature. Then ‘Insert‘ it into your post.

I do this manually at the end of every post because I don’t like using a plugin for this. Plugins slow down your site and often break when WordPress makes introduces upgrades. Plugins can also cause security issues, which I wrote about in-depth and how to protect yourself.

I also like the flexibility of being able to insert my blog signature wherever I want it in a post as I add Pinterest images and my disclosure at the end of posts, after my blog signature. A plugin won’t always know where to put my signature.

Plus, I did some research to find and recommend a plugin for you to use to automatically insert your blog signature at the end of blog posts. Many bloggers wrote posts recommending the ‘Add signature’ plugin. I wanted to try it out before recommending it and guess what? I can’t find it in the top plugin search results, even when I use its exact name. This means that the plugin is either no longer active or is hidden after many other much better plugins.

They say you should stick to 5-10 really good plugins on your WordPress site. I have more than this but mine are all well-known, high-quality (some paid-for) plugins. I simply wouldn’t use a blog signature plugin – I just insert the signature myself. It takes 3 seconds to do before I go live with a post 🙂

Get your pre-made blog signature templates

I always love to give you something for being here in the Tiara Tribe. Honestly, I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do. So today I finished my snack and spent some time creating pre-made blog signature templates for you to build your blog with love – just click on the picture below for access…

How to make and add a blog signature to your blog posts | 20 free pre-made templates

If you haven’t started your blog yet and you’re wondering where to begin, hop on over to my page on How to start a blog. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide on getting yourself set up.

And if you use one of the pre-made templates, please let us know in the comments below so we can take a look!

Have a blessed blog-building, blog-loving day!





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How to make and add a blog signature to your blog posts | 20 free pre-made templates

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