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Have you ever wondered what the different colors of heart emojis mean? From black to yellow, some are for your friends and others tell the world you’re jealous or craving chocolate. Let’s explore emoji heart color meanings and when to use the different colors. 

More and more emojis appear on our phones and in our social media messages every year.

In fact, There’s even a day dedicated to emojis around the word. It’s called World Emoji Day, and we celebrate it on 17 July. That’s no surprise seeing that over 60 million emojis are shared on Facebook every single day.

Want to know the emoji heart color meanings? Then scroll down to find out (and if you’re looking for cute ❤ heart coloring pages to color in, click HERE).

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Why emojis look slightly different on different devices

The color heart emojis on this page are the latest browser formats for the emojis – they look like this on browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. These were finalized in January 2020.

You may notice that each emoji looks slightly different on other platforms, such as Apple and Android. This is because each platform codes emojis into their formatting.

The colors of the heart emojis have the same meanings, no matter what they look like on any device.

Can I copy and paste these heart emojis?

No, please don’t try to copy and paste the heart emojis on this page as they won’t work in your social media posts or text messages – they are all JPG files for illustration purposes only.

Heart symbols you can copy and paste for all devices

If you’re looking for hearts to copy and paste into social media and text messages, then feel free to copy and paste the hearts below:

♥   – Thinner heart symbol


❤   – Wider heart symbol


♡   – Outlined heart symbol


The hearts above are symbols, not emojis, so they will look exactly the same on any device or platform. They haven’t been formatted for different devices or platforms.

What does the red heart emoji mean?

Red heart emoji meaning

The red heart emoji means true love.

It’s the classic red heart that we know so well in our Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts. When you send a red heart emoji to someone, you are telling them that you love them dearly.

A red heart is a symbol of friendship, unconditional love, passion, and good feelings. This red is bright and vibrant. It’s one you can’t miss.

You can use red hearts freely on social media to show that you love or really like something and that it means a lot to you. Or you could use these striking emojis in messages to your friends, family members and with your partner.

Don’t use a red heart emoji when messaging your boss, work colleagues, or someone who is married or in a relationship. or you could be sending the wrong message. You also wouldn’t send a red heart to someone you don’t like…

What does the orange heart emoji mean?

Orange heart emoji meaning picture

The orange heart emoji means friendship and care.

What does orange make you think of? Well, it’s used in color therapy to represent joy, happiness, creativity, encouragement and sunshine. All the things a good friend is.

Orange is a warm color, but not as vibrant as red. So when you send an orange heart emoji, you are telling the person ‘I like you deeply as a friend’.

You can send orange heart emojis to your friends and acquaintances. You can also send one to someone who is flirting with you, if you’d like to tell them nicely that you are not interested in a romantic relationship with them. Some people call this the ‘friend zone’.

Orange heart emojis can be used on social media, especially if you’re posting pictures with your friends, but they aren’t as popular or eye-catching as the red heart emoji.

What does the yellow heart emoji mean?

Yellow heart emoji meaning picture

The yellow heart emoji means you appreciate the friendship very much and think highly of the person.

This heart shows the person that their friendship brings you a lot of joy.

Yellow is a bright, fresh color that makes us think of sunshine, energy, and optimism. It’s also the closest color to gold. When someone says you have a ‘heart of gold’, they are saying you are very kind and good-natured.

A yellow heart emoji represents all these things.

Use yellow heart emojis with your friends and anyone who makes you laugh. You can use it in your social media captions freely during the spring and summer months to show the activities and people that make you happy.

It’s never a bad time to use a yellow-gold heart – it’s a great compliment and will make someone’s day if they receive one!

What does the green heart emoji mean?

Green heart emoji meaning picture

The green heart emoji means jealousy, vegetarianism, or a popular Irish holiday…

Green is for nature, harmony and renewal. But on the flip side, when we see green we also think of greed, jealousy, and apparently Wall Street. So what does this mean for our green heart emoji?

Let’s start with jealousy:

Just like the color green, this green-hearted jealousy can have two meanings depending on the conversation.

If you’re angry and send someone a green heart, it means you’re being possessive and jealous. You are clearly telling them that something is bringing out the big green monster in you. Perhaps your partner is speaking to someone you don’t like or someone from their past, and you want to let them them know that you’re not happy about it. Then you’d use the green heart emoji.

But if your best friend quits her terrible job to pursue her dreams, then you could also send her a green heart to let her know you’re happy but very jealous that she’s doing this amazing thing and you aren’t.

Green heart emojis are extremely popular around St. Patrick’s Day, with green being a popular color in St Patrick’s Day decorations and coloring pages, such as these. You’ll see leprechauns and shamrocks (and a lot of green) leading up to St. Patrick’s Day in March.

Green heart emojis are used by vegetarians on social media to show their love for the planet, with green symbolizing the Earth and nature.

If you are trying to understand the meaning of a green heart or when to use one, take the context into account.

What does the blue heart emoji mean?

Blue heart emoji meaning picture

The blue heart emoji means trust and confidence.

If you get one of these hearts, it means the person believes in you.

Color-wise, blue reminds us of stability, wisdom and faith. It’s the color of the seas and the sky. It’s calming and wise.

You can use blue hearts with friends and anyone you’d like to encourage during a project or through a difficult time. Avoid using blue heart emojis on social media.

What does the purple heart emoji mean?

Purple heart emoji meaning picture

The purple heart emoji means a love for luxury and sparkle.

This is the dazzling heart. The violet heart. The one for glamour, extravagance and magic. It’s not shy. Purple is a noble color after all.

Use purple heart emojis on social media when sharing luxurious products, outfits, or activities, especially on Instagram.

If you’re using private messages, a purple heart emoji is linked to physical attraction. Sending it to someone tells them that you’re into them, at least physically.

What does the brown heart emoji mean?

Brown heart emoji meaning picture

The brown heart emoji means a strong, sweet love that stands the test of time.

The brown heart emoji is the chocolate-covered heart. And who doesn’t love something covered in chocolate?

Brown is dependable. It’s warm. It’s comfort food for your soul. Which is what you’re telling someone when you send them a brown heart emoji.

Use brown heart emojis with your loved ones, especially for men who don’t like over-the-top, soppy, red-hearts-everywhere stuff. These hearts also work well with fall and winter social media posts (like yellow works well with sunny spring and summer posts).

What does the black heart emoji mean?

Black heart emoji meaning picture

A black emoji heart means sorrow or dark humor.

Black stands for mystery, elegance and rebellion.

If something bad has happened or you’re laughing at something you know you shouldn’t find funny at all, send a black heart emoji.

You could use a black heart emoji on social media when you share sad news.

As for the dark humor, it’s probably best to share these in private messages with others who might share the joke with you.

What does the white heart emoji mean?

White heart emoji meaning picture

The white heart emoji means love just like the other heart emojis. Based on my research (I really had to search for this answer), its main role is to complete the colorful heart emoji set.

This emoji was created as a ‘friend’ for all the other heart emoji colors, to offer more options when combining them together.

Basically, someone made a proposal asking for a white heart emoji, which got accepted by the emoji decision board (yes, there is one), and the white heart emoji was born!

Some people use the white heart emoji to show they have a craving for white chocolate. I wonder if the brown heart emoji works the same way for brown chocolate cravings?

Others say that the white heart stands for the purest love of all. 

The only time I can think of using this emoji is when making strings of hearts like it was made for. Or perhaps in winter when it’s snowing outside and you’re letting people know how much you love the snowy season and all the cozy things related to it.

New emoji heart: organ heart

Did you know that a new organ heart emoji has been proposed because so many people want it? It will look like this:

Organ heart emoji


FAQs about emoji heart color meanings

What does the purple heart mean?

The purple heart stands for love and luxury. Purple represents the color of nobility, so the purple heart symbolizes expensive or luxurious items on social media, such as Instagram. In private messages, the purple heart emoji tells someone that you’re attracted to them.

What does blue heart mean in texting?

The blue heart emoji stands for stability, trust and confidence. The heart also symbolizes love. In texting, this blue heart emoji tells you that the person loves you and is there to support you.

What do the colored hearts stand for?

Each color heart means something different. For example, the yellow heart is for friendship, the red heart is for true and long-lasting love, and the purple heart means physical attraction. A green heart is for nature and St Patrick’s Day, while the black heart emoji stands for sadness or a dark sense of humor.

What does ❤️ mean?

The red heart emoji means true love. It’s the classic symbol of strong love that we send our good friends and family members for Valentine’s Day and when we want them to know how we feel about them. The growing heart emoji means growing love – you’re telling the person that your love for them is getting stronger.


Emoji heart color meanings are fun and tell very different stories, from ‘I love you madly’ to ‘I find this way too funny’. Next time you send a message or post on social media, play around with the different heart color emojis to bring new life to your messages.

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