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If you’re looking for emojis that begin with the letter Y and what they mean then you’re in the right place. We’ve gone through the full emoji list and put together these 10 emojis that start with Y (or are just the letter Y) and what they really mean in 2020. Why? Because we know how much you love emojis!

Let’s dive in…

Yawning Face Emoji

Yawning Face Emoji

First up is the yawning face emoji. This one tells people that you’re tired or bored with the conversation.

This yellow faced emoji has eyes closed, an open mouth and a hand covering the yawn.

Unicode for yawning face emoji: U+1F971

Text code for yawning face: (:|

Yellow Heart Emoji

Yellow Heart Emoji

This pretty yellow-golden heart is all about friendship and respect. Find out what each color heart emoji means HERE.

Unicode for yellow heart emoji: U+1F49B

Yo-yo Emoji

Yo Yo Emoji

Have you ever played with a yo-yo? We know yo-yos have been around since 500 BC because there’s a Greek vase painting of a boy playing with one. That’s more than 1500 years of pure yo-yo joy.

So, of course we need a yo-yo emoji. This round yo-yo is different colors on different devices and has a string around it. Use it when you’ve mastered a yo-yo trick, such as these by a world champ yo-yo’er:

Unicode for yo-yo emoji: U+1FA80

Yarn Emoji

Yarn emoji

Yarn emoji

You might be wondering ‘Is there a yarn emoji?’ Yes, there is!

This ball of yarn emoji can be pink, green, brown, or purple, depending on what device you are using. It sometimes has some knitting needles stuck in it and always has one end unraveling, ready to go.

Use this emoji when talking about your knitting, sewing or crocheting hobbies. You can also use it for arts and crafts, when it’s cold outside (sweater and scarf weather), or when you talk about playing with cats like these playful little balls of fur:

Unicode for yarn emoji: U+1F9F6

Yen banknote Emoji

Yen Banknote Emoji

Yen is Japanese money. The word ‘yen’ means ‘circle’ or ’round object’ in English. It got the name becuase the coins are perfectly round in shape.

But did you know that people in Japan they call the yen ‘okane’, which means ‘money’?

Unicode for yen banknote emoji: U+1F4B4

Yin Yang Emoji

Yin Yang Emoji

Yin Yang comes from Chinese philosophy, which symbolizes opposite forces that are connected and balance each other out. The yin yang emoji can be used for the balance in nature or two opposite forces like good and evil, day and night (day being the white part and black being the night), a woman and a man, or two halves that make up a whole.

Want to understand yin yang better? The following video will explain the meaning and philosophy behind the yin yang symbol:

Here is the yin yang emoji to highlight, copy and paste: ☯️

Unicode for yin yang emoji: U+262F

Text code for yin yang: (%)

Yellow Circle Emoji

Yellow Circle Emoji

The solid yellow circle emoji means brilliance, a gold medal, or can even symbolize a yellow traffic light. You can even use it when you are talking about yellow objects or want to say the word ‘yellow’.

Unicode for yellow circle emoji: U+1F7E1

Yellow Square Emoji

Yellow Square Emoji

The happy yellow square emoji is a large yellow square that means ‘yellow’, so you don’t have to type out the word. The yellow square emoji is very similar in meaning to the yellow circle emoji.

Unicode for yellow square emoji: U+1F7E8

Yemen Flag Emoji

Yemen Flag Emoji

The Yemen flag emoji represents Yemen’s flag. Yemen is a country in Southwest Asia and has the world’s oldest skyscraper town, with about 500 mud-brick high-rise buildings.

Showing the flag needs a sequence of two regional indicator symbols: Y and E. Platforms that support these indicators show the actual flag, while platforms that don’t support regional indicator symbols simply show the emoji as YE.

Unicode for Yemen flag emoji (use both):



The letter Y Emoji

Letter Y Emoji

The letter Y emoji is a regional indicator symbol. There are 26 of these symbols – one for each letter of the alphabet (A-Z). Why are there regional indicator symbols? When these symbols are used together they are given special treatment. For example, the Yemen flag above shows us that using the Y and E regional indicator symbols together tells the platform to show the Yemen flag. The platform knows it needs to treat these two symbols together as the Yemen flag, not as separate letters.

Unicode for the letter Y emoji: U+1F1FE


There are 10 emojis that start with the letter Y: the yawning face, yellow heart, yo-yo, Yen banknote, yin yang, yellow circle, yellow square, Yemen flag, and the letter Y emojis.

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