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Calling all cat lovers! It’s time to use all those cute cat face emojis in your messages and posts. Why? Beclaws we’re feline like some fun!

If you’re a big cat-lover, then there’s always a good time to use one of these cat face emojis instead of the face emojis.

Let’s find out what each cat face emoji really means and share some cat jokes as we go along…

Cat Face Emoji

Cat Face Emoji

This emoji has a simple, usually ginger, cat face, looking straight ahead at you. Use this cat face emoji when you’re talking about your beloved pet cat, cat ladies or some feline traits, like 9 lives, playfulness, grace, independence and mysterious.

The cat face is often used with the full cat emoji (see more later in this post), but has a more personal friendly feeling when used.

Unicode for Cat Face Emoji: U+1F431

Grinning Cat Face Emoji

Grinning cat face emoji

This happy cat has a wide open-mouthed smile on his face. The laughing cat face emoji can be used when you are sharing a cat joke or something funny that a cat does. You can also using it when laughing at a joke and you’re a cat lover (instead of using a person’s laughing face).

What could this little cat be laughing at? I think he heard this little cat joke:

What do cats eat for breakfast?

Mice Krispies!

Unicode for Grinning Cat Face Emoji: U+1F63A

Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes Emoji

Grinning cat with smiling eyes emoji

This cat face is really laughing out loud at a good joke or story. His mouth is wide open like the grinning cat face but this time his eyes are closed, like they are smiling. Use this cute cat face when you’ve heard something very funny that made you giggle out loud too.

What do you think he finds do funny? I think it might have been this…

What did the cat say when the mouse ran away?

You’ve gotta be kitten me!

Unicode for Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes Emoji: U+1F638

Cat With Tears Of Joy Emoji

Cat with tears of joy emoji

This cat is ginger or yellow on most devices, with a wide open mouth and a tear coming out of each eye. He is literally laughing out tears of joy at something very funny. Use this cat face emoji to let someone know that what they just told you is extremely funny – so funny that your belly aches and your eyes are crying from laughter.

Want a good cat joke to make someone laugh tears of joy too?

How do cats keep law and order at home?

They use Claw Enforcement

Unicode for Cat With Tears Of Joy Emoji: U+1F639

Smiling Cat With Heart-Eyes Emoji

Smiling cat with heart-eyes emoji

This cat face is yellow on most devices and has a wide open grin with hearts for eyes. This is the furry version of the laughing face with heart eyes. Use it show love, devotion and infatuation, especially if it’s a person, animal, treat or toy your cat loves. It can also show how much you love cats – so use it when you see a cute cat video or hear a good cat story.

What do you call two cats who love each other?

Best fur-riends

Unicode for Smiling Cat With Heart-Eyes Emoji: U+1F63B

Cat With Wry Smile Emoji

Cat with a wry smile emoji

This cat face is looking straight ahead with open eyes, upturned eyebrows and a wry, cheeky smile on its face. It’s used for a mocking, naughty or sarcastic sense of humor in a message, or when a cat is showing its independent, bossy side like this:

A dog accepts you as the boss.

A cat first wants to see your cover letter and resume.

Unicode for Cat With Wry Smile Emoji: U+1F63C

Kissing Cat Emoji

Kissing cat emoji

This cat’s face has closed eyes pointing downward and lips kissing. On Facebook there is a red heart to the right of its lips. But the kissy-cat emoji can’t be used for everything you like because cats are fussy creatures. Use this cat kiss for things you love very much or when a cat shows you cat love by purring, kneading, or showing you their belly.

What do cats do after an argument?

They hiss and make up

Unicode for Kissing Cat Emoji: U+1F63D

Weary Cat Emoji

Weary cat emoji

This cat face emoji has wide, open hollow eyes, an open mouth and a cat paw on either cheek. It’s the cat version of the weary face emoji (but it looks more like the screaming face/Home Alone emoji). Weary means extreme tiredness or exhaustion, so use this cat face emoji when you hear shocking or surprising news

What do cats wear to bed?


Unicode for Weary Cat Emoji: U+1F640

Crying Cat Emoji

Crying cat emoji

Usually golden yellow, this cat face has a closed down-turned mouth and eyes, with a teardrop running down one cheek. This is a sad cat and is used when you hear sad news, you feel down, or when you have lost something special to you.

Where does a cat go after losing its tail?

The retail store!

Unicode for Crying Cat Emoji: U+1F63F

Pouting Cat Emoji

Pouting cat emoji

This cat face has eyebrows pointing to the skies and a down-turned, angry mouth. It’s showing how unhappy it is or displeased about something. Use this pouting cat when you’re angry, disapprove of something, or when you’re simply sulking. Pouting cat face is a combination of angry face and pouting face.

What do you call a cat drinking lemon juice?

A sourpuss

Why was the cat pouting?

Because she was in a bad mewd

Unicode for Pouting Cat Emoji: U+1F63E

Is there a cat emoji?

Yes, the cat emoji shows the full body and head of a pet cat from the side. This tabby cat is orange with stripes on most devices, though some devices have a black or brown cat emoji.

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