Continents and Countries Activity


This game is a super-fun geography activity for anyone!

How many countries can you name from each continent? You might be surprised with your amazing geography knowledge (or surprised).

This is a digital product, so you will get an immediate PDF to download and print out the game and start playing right away.

Let them learn the names, spelling, and shapes of all seven continents. Print one copy for each child to count how many of each continent they can find. It’s like a fun scavenger hunt on paper!

This Continents & Countries activity is great because it:

Continents & Countries Game Features

  • US and A4 paper size – be sure to set your printer to ‘fit’ the page before printing
  • Print-ready PDF file – download, print and play right away
  • Beautiful graphics and colors


Print one copy of the game for each player.

Explain the game – You need to name every country you can for each continent. Set a time to make it more difficult or let the players take their time – the choice is yours.

The person with the most correctly named countries takes the prize!

What’s Included In This Continents & Countries Activity?

  • A downloadable, printable, one page PDF file

Licence (What You Gotta Know)

You get a personal licence to use this game as an activity with your friends or family. This document and its files may not be sold or shared with others.

It only costs $1 and supports my small business, so I’d appreciate it if instead of sharing it for free you sent people to this page.

This is a digital product – no physical item will be shipped to you ????


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