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Have you ever been in a situation where you were ‘bored out of your mind’? How much did you enjoy it and how well did you do in that meeting or social interaction? Now think of a time when you were excited to be there, taking part in the conversation and loving every minute of it. That’s when you shine in life – and when you were probably using your learning style!

Your learning style is what you use best to explore and understand the world. The three main styles are sight (visual), sound (auditory) and kinesthetic (touch). You can pop over to get the full details on these three learning styles. This article is an in-depth look at how to practically apply your learning style in real life.

Where you can use your learning style to shine

Your learning style influences many areas of your life, such as:

  • How you should organize your space
  • How you can do your most productive work and learn new things
  • How you can come up with awesome ideas or tap into your creativity
  • How you enjoy interacting with others and best deal with conflict
  • How you best manage your money
  • What type of exercise is most fun for you
  • What type of vacations you enjoy

What do you have to gain by putting these ideas into practice? An organized space, greater productivity at work and studies, amazing relationships, better money management, awesome vacations, and finding exercise that’s fun for you.

That sounds worth it to me!

How using my learning style changed my life

I’m a visual learner. When I’m sitting in long meetings where there’s just a lot of talking, I lose interest very quickly. I’m literally ‘bored out of my mind’ because I’m trying to force my brain to work in a way that it doesn’t like to absorb information or create new things.

Me, I love pictures and colors and words to get excited. The more the better. Over the years I’ve found ways to use visual aids to get me actively involved in planning projects and seeing them through (and avoid long chatty meetings with no slides).

I truly believe that if you enjoy what you are working on then that will come through in the work you do, for others to enjoy too. You can tell when something has been done with love and when it was a half-ass attempt by a grumpy employee (can I say half-ass on here?).

And to be honest, this applies to anything and everything I do. If I do exercise that works with my love for seeing beautiful things, I enjoy it. If I study something using my learning style, I excel. If I interact with friends and family in a way that I enjoy, the more fun it all becomes.

How do I know when I’m forcing myself to work against my learning style? When my ideas and creativity start drying up or when Mr Tiara Tribe wants to know where I left my personality.

These are all warnings that I’m pushing myself into things that simply don’t work well for me. It’s time to change things or stop them altogether. The more I work with my visual learning style, the more I shine in life all round.

First, take the quiz

If you haven’t done so yet, take our quiz to find out what type of genius you are. Ready? Just click on the quiz below and answer 7 easy questions…


Great, now you know your learning style! You’re halfway there.

Second, find your learning style below for ideas on how to use it to shine in life

Let’s dig deeper into each learning style and how to apply it in different areas of your life:

If you are an auditory learner: Your ears are your superpower

Use sight, sound or touch to shine in life

You shine in life when hearing things and saying things out loud.

  • Organizing your space and life

Listen to music in the background while organizing. You get energy from sound and trying to organize items in a quiet room probably won’t work for you. Put on some lively music while you clean or organize your space.

Talk to yourself about where you want to put things and why – it will help you remember where they are and help you set up the best system for yourself. Keep these systems simple and low maintenance as you don’t want to spend a lot of time putting things away in strict places or orders.

If you struggle to get up in the morning, set the alarm to speak to you or play your favorite tunes.

  • How to be productive at work and learn new things

You shouldn’t keep quiet, even when you are by yourself. If you are working on something or have a problem to solve then talk to yourself (out loud) about possible solutions or how to implement the project.

Meet with colleagues when brainstorming or planning a project. Approach your boss to discuss any problems you are having. As a manager, you will expect regular verbal updates in meetings or directly from those doing the work. Make this expectation clear and why you are asking how things are going. Explain that this helps you to understand what is happening and how to help the team, rather than you ‘checking up’ on people.

Try recording things instead of writing things down. Save voice notes for yourself if you need to remember things. If there is a report to write, record it and use a cheap transcription service to type it out professionally for you (you can try Rev for this service).

When learning something new, take the time to summarize the material in your own words out loud. Read things out loud too. This ensures that you understand what you have learnt and will remember it better and for longer.

  • How to come up with ideas

Listen to podcasts. This little trick is simple yet so effective in exploring ideas, other people’s views and getting you out of your usual thinking pattern. Download a free app called Castbox onto your phone and get some clip-on wireless Bluetooth earphones. Follow podcasters who talk about topics that interest you and listen to their episodes when driving, exercising, or waiting in queues. Get a shower speaker to listen to podcasts while showering. Feel like you need something new and exciting to come up with ideas? Then choose random podcasts to listen to and hear what they have to talk about. You might enjoy it!

Keep your phone close by and use your voice recorder a lot. Ideas will pop into your head and you need a way to save them. Record your ideas wherever you are and whenever you get inspired – in the middle of the night in bed, in the car, you name it.

Brainstorm ideas with others over a cup of coffee and where good music is playing. Find people who are interested in the topic. If you are looking for ideas for blog posts, find other bloggers or writers to talk to. If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate your room, find people who have an eye for color or patterns and who might want to walk around some décor stores with you.

  • Interacting with others and dealing with conflict

Open up and discuss things with those around you and those you care about. You shouldn’t keep quiet when something is bothering you – and you probably don’t.

Discuss possible solutions to problems with those involved but remember to be kind and tactful with your words, especially when dealing with non-auditory people who are sensitive to harsh conversations.

  • How to manage your money

People are your friend here once again. Seek out registered financial advisers and friends or family members who manage their money well. Meet with these people to talk about what to do with your money in terms of investing and how to budget and manage it daily. Then decide what’s the best method for you.

  • How to make exercise fun

You need music and a social atmosphere to get the most out of your exercise routine. Find team sports to play, such as volleyball, or join exercise groups where you meet others and make friends.

  • How to choose vacations you will enjoy

Work with your auditory style and choose outings and vacations that let you explore sounds and music. Go to concerts and watch shows. Eat at markets and restaurants where there is live music.

If you are a visual learner: Your eyes are your superpower

Use sight, sound or touch to shine in life

You shine in life by taking notes and seeing words, pictures and colors.

  • Organizing your space and life

Use colors and categories to organize your space and life. Search Pinterest and look at pictures on the Internet for inspiration, using the ideas you like to organize things in your home and office space.

Use a color-coded filing system and group all items according to their color. Buy a pretty planner that lets you scribble in it and make fun doodles (I personally use this one where you can get $5 off). Another thing that works well for me is a visual tickler filing system, so I never miss a beat.

You might want to explore using recipe apps to plan and cook delicious meals. I use Paprika for this – it’s super easy to save recipes, plan meals and have everything in one place when I’m in the kitchen ready to cook.

  • How to be productive at work and learn new things

You need a pretty desk with inspirational quotes and colors to get you smiling every morning. Make sure to pack things away and tidy up your desk before you leave it in the afternoon. A messy morning desk won’t help with productivity.

Keep gorgeous things close by for when you need to write something down or discuss a project with colleagues. Keep highlighters in pretty containers and create charts and diagrams for any presentations you need to make – you will shine at this.

If you are working in a team, explain that you do not work well with too many meetings and discussions. You prefer to show your work to colleagues as you go along. If you are managing a team, ask team members to show you what they are working on and show you where they need help from you.

  • How to come up with ideas

Sounds distract you when you need to focus on something, so find a quiet place to think and brainstorm ideas.

Keep a pretty notebook and pen with you to write down any ideas that pop into your head.

Watch YouTube videos. This will help you to explore ideas, get others’ views on things and stretch your mind. Follow YouTubers who talk about topics that interest you. Do you need something new and exciting to come up with ideas? Then choose random YouTube videos to watch and find out what they have to say.

Use visualization. Sit quietly and picture in your mind the ultimate solution or goal. Let your mind wander to discover how you can achieve that goal or solution, or perhaps it has better ideas for where you should go. If you don’t know how to start visualizing, watch this video with Dr Joe Dispenza on how he has used visualization to change his life.

  • Interacting with others and dealing with conflict

You probably aren’t a big talker and get very quiet when you are angry.

Keep social interactions to small groups to make them more intimate and yourself more comfortable, which may draw you out a bit more.

If there is conflict, explain to the person that you are having trouble and that you would like some quiet time to think about what is going on. Once you’ve had some time to think about what is really bothering you, take a deep breath and go back to the person to talk about it and find a solution. You may find it easier to write a letter before you get the conversation going with them.

  • How to manage your money

Do research online to find a budgeting method and investment products that work for you.

You will probably enjoy pretty printable bill and budget trackers with colors and tabs to track your income and expenses. Or you can implement my easy anti-budget method that’s very low maintenance, giving you freedom money to enjoy life and the beauties that come with it.

  • How to make exercise fun

Exercise with a view is what will make you tick. Go hiking, surfing or swimming in the sea.

If you prefer to take it slow, choose a gorgeous and relaxing yoga or pilates studio to calm your senses, where the music is not too harsh on your ears.

  • How to choose vacations you will enjoy

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you are certainly the beholder! Choose vacations and outings where you can take in breathtaking views and scenery, see artwork such as sculptures and paintings, visit flower displays and markets, or watch amazing fireworks high up in the night sky.

If you are a kinesthetic learner: Touch is your superpower

Use sight, sound or touch to shine in life

You shine in life by being directly involved with what needs to be done.

  • Organizing your space and life

You need an active and hands-on approach to organization to truly shine. Do this by physically organizing things yourself and not leaving it up to others. When organizing, get three boxes. Label one ‘trash’, another ‘donate’, and the third ‘keep’. Go through your things and place each item in one of the boxes (trying to fill the ‘trash’ and ‘donate’ boxes as much as possible). Throw away and donate those items, then organize what’s left in the ‘keep’ box.

Put things where they will be used and can be easily accessed, such as cookbooks in the kitchen and textbooks at your desk. You want easy access to what you need, without clutter or many objects. Keep your spaces simple, practical and as clear as possible.

  • How to be productive at work and learn new things

You work best when you give your body the stimulation and relaxation it needs to be productive. Walk while thinking, stand a bit when you are working (have you seen these awesome height adjusters?), and take breaks often.

Use pens, a keyboard and mouse that ‘feel right’ to you. Make sure your chair is super comfy to sit in. You won’t be able to concentrate if you are uncomfortable.

When working on a project, search the internet for real-life examples and stories about the topic. When studying, physically do what you are studying. For example, if you are learning design, then take the time to design something. You learn better by doing rather than learning theory. Flash cards will also come in very handy to learn new content.

When working in a team, have dynamic interactive meetings and use white boards with colorful markers to plan or give feedback on a project.

  • How to come up with ideas

Bring in as many senses as possible to come up with your best ideas.

If you are in a slump, get up and out of the room. Walk while thinking. Try a new restaurant or hobby. Take a new route to work. Start a conversation with a stranger. Watch a different kind of movie.

Brainstorm ideas on a white board with colorful markers, getting others involved in the session. Stand while doing this – sitting too long will slow you down.

Run a hot bath and climb in to relax and detox. Close the door and don’t worry about the world for a while. Remember we said you need to be active and take rests to be your best? Enjoy it!

  • Interacting with others and dealing with conflict

You probably don’t enjoy long, in-depth discussions with others. You have much more fun doing things with groups or good friends. Get out and explore for the most fun out or join meetup to find people who have interests similar to yours.

When there is conflict, take deep breaths to relax your body as it becomes quite tense. Calmly speak to the person about the issue, perhaps while doing something physically relaxing like sipping on a cup of coffee.

  • How to manage your money

You need to be actively involved in budgeting. You will enjoy apps and software with a dashboard where you can see your money growing with investments and where it goes every month in your budget.

Try budgeting software such as YNAB for this purpose, where you can log expenses on your phone as they happen. Find investment services that give you a dashboard and let you have control over what happens to your money.

  • How to make exercise fun

You do best with group exercise classes that are active and challenging. And you might also enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, rock climbing and diving.

  • How to choose vacations you will enjoy

Again, you love being busy and doing things. Choose active vacations where you can explore things like hot air balloon rides, rock climbing, concerts, diving, skiing, or anything else that challenges your body, mind and senses with other people.


And there you have it! I hope I’ve given you some awesome and practical ideas on how to use sight, sound and touch to shine in life based on who you are and what you enjoy.

Do you have any other ideas or tips for us? I’d love to read all about it in the comments below!