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Ready to try a Valentine’s word search? Or are you looking for a word search to keep the kids busy? Here are several Valentine’s Day word searches with a little challenge for everyone, from kindergarten to adults. Grab these free printable word searches made with love for the month of February…

I wanted to offer something special for everyone today, so I spent the day creating these cute free Valentine’s word searches for all levels and grades. I’ve broken down the levels so you know who the word search is good for – be sure to get the free word searches in the resource library along with all the other freebies.

What you need to know to download and print the free word searches

You are free to print out and use these word searches for personal use – please don’t sell or distribute the files (please send people to this page to get their own free copies).

Just fill in your details below to get all of the free Valentine’s word searches:

The hearts in the top-right corner will tell you what level it is: 1 heart = level 1 etc. I’ve given lots of info below about what’s in each level and the suitable ages.

Be sure to print out your word search on US Letter or international A4 paper (if you click here you will find more info on all paper sizes). Set your printer to ‘fit’ the page before you print. These word searches will be difficult to read if they are printed any smaller than US Letter size or A4, so I don’t recommend printing them smaller on two on a page.

Level 1: Easy

Monthly art boxes for kids

Keep the kids busy with a fun Valentine’s Day word search:

Level 1: Valentine's Day Word Search

These are the easy Valentines word searches. You’ll see one heart in the top-right corner indicating that this is a level 1 word search.

There are a maximum of 12 words to find in level 1, with nice big letters to search through. All words are hidden across (left to right) and down.

Level 1 Valentine word searches are good for 1st grade and 2nd grade age groups.

Level 2: Intermediate

Level 2: Valentine's Day Word Search

Level 2 is a level up and things are heating up! You’ll see 2 hearts in the top-right corner confirming the challenge is on here.

At this level there are 20 hidden words to find, with words being hidden across (left to right), down and diagonally. The letters are also slightly smaller than level 1 and there are more rows and columns to search through.

Level 2 is recommended for this in the 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade.

Level 3: Difficult

Level 3 Valentine's Day Word Search

Now we’re turning up the Valentine heat!

Level 3 presents 40 hidden words – how quickly can you find them all?

Be careful when you look – they can be hidden up, down, backward, forward, or diagonally.

Smaller letters, more rows and more words make this a difficult Valentine word search, but I promise you’ll love it!

Who is level 3 for? Any willing participants from 5th grade up.

Level 4: Spicy

Level 4 Valentine's Day Word Search

4 hearts in the top-right corner tell you that this one is spicy! But don’t be afraid, this word search puzzle will be well worth the trouble (just like love :-))

Find 60 words and phrases hiding out in all those rows and columns. Even smaller letters (hey, I had to fit it all onto the page!) and more difficult words take the challenge from difficult to spicy here.

Level 4 is for those who enjoy challenging word searches. From affection to warm hearted, you’ll smile through the love-themed activity. Just print it out to do this puzzle whenever it suits you.

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I hope you enjoy doing these Valentine word searches as much as I enjoyed making them!

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Search for love in these free word searches

Free Valentine's Day Cross Word Puzzles from Grade 1 up

Printable word search puzzles for Valentine's Day

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