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Family and friends bullet journal ideas

Bullet journal ideas

Contact details

Make a contact list for all your friends and family members so you always know how to call, email or send them a letter. This is very useful for family members that live far away who you want to send cards to for their birthdays or the holidays.

Family schedule tracker

Create a calendar to keep track of who does what when. You’ll always know who is available and who needs to go where. Keep this in your Bujo and make a copy for your fridge door, so family members can update it as their schedules change.

Birthday tracker

Use a yearly calendar or a monthly spread to stay on top of family and friends’ birthday and/or other important occasions. Use it to set up alerts in any digital calendar that you use.

Birthday gift ideas

Use your birthday tracking bujo spread to plan gifts for birthdays in advance. If someone tells you they want or need something during the year, write this down as a gift idea so you know exactly what to get them for their birthday.

Holiday tracker

Make sure you know which federal holidays and celebrations are coming up by creating a holiday tracker in your bullet journal. 

Holiday gift ideas

Search Pinterest or stores for gift ideas and buy wrapping and bows on sale throughout the year. Do the same as you do for birthday gifts – when someone tells you that they like something or would love to try something, write it down as a gift idea so you know what to get them when the time comes (or when it goes on sale).

Holiday meal planners

Create entire meal plans for the holidays or doodle ideas as they come to you, so you aren’t left wondering what to cook the day before everyone arrives from out of town. Keep things simple if you’re feeling overwhelmed and use a holiday meal planner to eliminate as much as possible and choose the easiest dishes to make (or ask others to bring some dishes with them).

Family tree

Make a pretty family tree – you can decide how much of the extended family you’d like to include. Make it colorful or stick to a simple black-and-white spread. You could draw a tree or use lines and squares to show where each family member fits.

Medical appointments

Write down all your medical appointments in one spread for the year, so you know what appointments to book for the family, the address for each appointment, and when you need to see them again. You could include your GP, OB-GYN, dentist, optometrist, and any other specialists.

Thank you cards to send

Keep a list of names for anyone who attends parties or events you throw. At the event or soon after, write down what each person gave you as a gift so you can write them a personalised thank you card or message.

Family traditions

We all have family traditions and sometimes it’s fun to start one or try something new. When you find ideas online or you hear about a good one, write it down under new family traditions so you don’t forget to try it when that holiday comes around.

Bullet journal ideas for students

Grade tracker

Set up a bullet journal spread and track your grades for the year. You will see how you are improving or which subjects you need to work on harder.


Create a planner for all your classes, so you never miss anything. Be sure to update it whenever there’s a timetable change.

Afterschool activities

Keep track of sports, hobbies, and fun activities that you like to do after school. Or make an afterschool activity list for all the kids, so you can keep track of who needs to be where, and when.

Applications to colleges

Make a list of all the colleges you want to apply to, then mark off each time you send in your application and get a response from a college.

Finance bullet journal ideas

My wealth

Make a visual layout of your savings and assets, to get an idea of how wealthy you are. You could use it to motivate yourself by filling it in each month to see how your wealth is growing.

Emergency fund tracker

It’s always a good idea to save for emergencies. Decide how much of an emergency fund you want to save, then track your savings in your emergency fun tracker spread.

Debt snowball tracker

Use the debt snowball method to get out of debt by paying off your smallest debt and using that money to then pay off your next debt. There’s a free printable and full explanation of the debt snowball method HERE, or create your own bullet journal layout to be debt-free forever.

Dates for sales and deals

If you know your favorite stores have big sales on at certain times of the year, or you see an upcoming sale advertised, write it down so you don’t miss it. 

Stocks to watch

If there are stocks you’re interested in or hear good things about, then keep track of them in a ‘Stocks to watch’ tracker. Write down the names of the stocks and track their performance and dividends paid out over time. When you have some spare cash to buy stocks, just look at your layout to decide which stocks you want to buy (or ask a financial adviser about these stocks).

Coupon codes

Don’t ever let a coupon expire again. When you see a coupon code or get a coupon, write the details and code into this bullet journal layout and be sure to use it next time you need it.

Wedding planning bullet journal ideas

Wedding budget tracker

Set a wedding budget and use your bullet journal to make sure you don’t go over this. Make a list of all expenses, such as flowers and the DJ, then add them up to see if it’s within the budget. Not? Take a look at the expenses and see how you can bring them down or cut them out.

Color themes

Create swatches of color themes in your bullet journal to get a feel for what you like and what colors works well together.

Venues to look at

Research the area you want to get married in, then write a list of all the wedding venues that you’d like to view in your bullet journal. Tick them off once you’ve been and make notes about each venue after, such as what you like and dislike about each.

Wedding dresses

Look online for wedding dress styles and record the ones you like in your journal. You can cut out and paste pictures from the internet or draw some fashion designs in yourself if you’re arty.

Wedding shoes

Your wedding shoes finish off your dress. Decide what style will suit you and what you will be comfortable in. Paste in pictures from the internet or draw pictures of your dream wedding shoes so you know what to look for.


Will you wear your hair up or down? What color will it be? Keep track of your favorite wedding hairstyle in this tracker to show your hairdresser when you go for a trial run.


Will you go dark and dramatic, light and natural, or somewhere in between with your makeup? Watch makeup tutorials on YouTube to get ideas, then keep drawings of your ideas to tell your makeup artist or friend, so they can start testing makeup on your for the wedding day.

Vendors to hire

Make a list of all the vendors you need to hire for your big day. This might include the DJ, florist, caterer, officiant, etc. Take a look at your wedding budget tracker list for the full list of vendors as they should be in the budget.

Appointments (dress fittings)

Keep track of all appointments to attend with a calendar tracker. Write down your appointments and any notes or actions that you need to take. Here you can include meetings for dress fittings, makeup trials, hair trials, DJ meetings, etc.


Whenever you have an idea for your vows or hear something good in a movie, write it down in your vow tracker. Then, when it comes time to write your final vows, you will have inspiration to draw on. You can even create a special spread for your final vows as a keepsake.

Wedding songs

Hear a romantic song on the radio? Then write it down in a wedding song tracker. When you meet the DJ, you can give him your list of songs to play at the wedding or at least give him an idea of the type of music you want played at your wedding.

Guest list

Write down everyone you want to invite to the wedding. Be sure to leave space to track their RSVPs when they come in. That way you will have a final guest list to prepare your seating chart.

Seating chart

Draw a layout of the venue in your bullet journal and use a pencil and eraser or a frixion pen to plan who will sit where.

Honeymoon ideas

What are you going to do after the wedding? Plan your honeymoon in your bujo with ideas on what type of honeymoon you want, where you want to go, how much you can spend, how much time you get off, etc.

Food and Drink bullet journal ideas

Conversion charts

Create a pretty chart or table in your bullet journal with conversions to help you when you cook. Convert cooking temperatures, weights and measurements, so you can quickly and easily cook up any recipe.

Prep times

Jot down the prep times of some recipes so you know how much time to leave for cooking. Or you could create lists with different prep times so you can quickly choose a recipe to make based on how long it will take you and how much time you have.

Cooking times

Write down handy cooking time that you keep on looking up online. You could include roasting times, marinating times, slow cooking times, pressure cooking times, and more.

Croissant topping ideas

Keep a list of sweet or savory croissant topping ideas that you enjoy or would love to try, then make a point over weekends to try them out or come up with some new topping ideas.

Health bullet journal ideas

Detox bath tracker

Create a spread to track your detox baths and any ingredients that you like adding to your bath or that you want to try. You can get ideas for detox bath ingredients here.

Step tracker

Set a goal for how many steps you want to take each day and week. Now write down your step count each day in a step tracker. You will quickly see how many steps you’re taking over time and if there are any days in particular when you need to kick things up a notch.

Miles run

If you want to take the step counter further, start tracking miles that you run or walk. Set weekly or monthly mile goals for yourself, then write down how many you do every time you go hiking, walking or for a run.

Sleep tracker

There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well or you want to make sure you get more a certain number of hours of shuteye every night, track things like how many hours of sleep you get, what time you go to bed, and what quality sleep you have.

Self care activities

Take time for yourself by making a list of self care activities that you can enjoy. Brainstorm ideas or check out the full list of self care activity ideas here. You could also use your bujo as a self care activity by using it to organize things that are important to you, or using it as a creative outlet.

Burnout tracker

If you’re feeling burnt out or like you might be burning out, track your symptoms over time to see how you’re feeling. Try to recharge by taking time out, then track how you feel afterwards. If you feel you need professional help, take your burnout tracker with you to the doctor so you can show them how you’ve been feeling over time and get the advice you need.

Exercise routine

Track your workouts done and write down any workouts you’d like to try in your own exercise tracker. You could write quotes in there to motivate you, such as ‘On good days I workout, on bad days I workout harder’.

Weight loss

Now that you’re exercising and getting enough sleep, you can focus on a healthy eating plan to lose weight. Weigh yourself at the same time and day each week or month, then write your weight down in your weight tracker to see if you’re on track to reach your weight loss goals.

Body mass index (BMI) tracker

Your body mass index (BMI) measures your weight versus your height. It gives you an idea if you’re over or under the healthy weight range for your height. Track your BMI over time to see if you’re still within the healthy weight range.

Body measurements

Take measurements of your body and write them in your bullet journal. You can use these measurements to track weight gain or weight loss, or you can use them when ordering clothing online. You can take measurements of the following body parts: arms, chest, waist, abs, hips, thighs and calves.

Food tracker

If you want to be more aware of what you eat each day, use a food tracker. You can track healthy foods, unhealthy foods, or dive deeper to track things like macros, carbs, calories or fats.


Get terrible migraines? Track them in your bullet journal to see if there’s a trend to how often you get them, when you get them, and if there’s anything you do or eat before the time to bring them on.

Pain tracker

Track any pain and symptoms you might have over time. You can also keep a list of things that help to take the pain away, so you have ideas on how to treat your pain when it starts.

Healthcare spending

Keep a list of how much you spend on healthcare. This will come in handy when you do your budget or file your taxes. You can also see how much you’re spending and if you need to cut back on anything, such as supplements or luxuries.

Vitamins and supplements

Be sure you take your vitamins and supplements by ticking them off in your bullet journal each time you take them. Keep a list of all the brands you like or supplements you want to try.


A good stretch goes a long way. Create a stretching routine for yourself and put this in your bullet journal. You can also track how often you do your stretches and if you are feeling healthier or more supple because of this.

Period tracker

Track your monthly period to see any patterns – is it regular? What pain or symptoms do you experience? How long does it last?

Pet bullet journal ideas

Vet appointments

Keep a calendar of vet appointments for each pet that you have scheduled or need to make. Be sure to write down the vet’s address and contact details. Track yearly vaccines and any other check-ups the animals might need.

Emergency contact information

If there’s ever an emergency with your pet, you’ll be very glad you did this. Keep emergency contact numbers for your vet and any 24-hour vet hospital near you. You can also look up details for pet CPR and what your animals should never eat, so you can avoid an emergency.

Illnesses and symptoms

Track any illnesses your pets may have and their symptoms, so you can tell your vet exactly how your pet has been handling their illness. Speak to the vet about any symptoms you need to look out for and write these down in your tracker.

Medicine tracker

Make a pretty spread for any medications that your pets might need and track that they receive their meds and note any reactions they might have to the medication.

Tick and flea treatment

Be sure your animals receive their tick and flea treatments when they need it. Write down when they take this, what brand you used, and when they need to take it again. Some are monthly and others are every 3 months.

Pet sitter information

Write down all the contact info for your pet sitters and walker – their phone number, availability, and what they charge. You can also create an information sheet for when the pet sitter is at your house with emergency contact details, your vet’s number, and any other important information that the sitter might need.

Pet grooming tracker

Take note of how often your pets need to go to the groomers for a cut and wash. Or track how often you wash them so you don’t do it too often. Write down the name and contact details of your favorite groomers, along with the prices they charge so you can add this to your budget tracker.


Training is a wonderful human-animal bonding experience and keeps your pets’ minds active. Why not create a pretty bujo spread of training dates, tricks learned, tricks you want to teach your pets, details of trainers and the price of each training session (so you don’t go over your budget).

Dog walks

Track the number of dog walks you do each week and how far you go. You’ll quickly see how many steps you and the pooch are getting in each week and build your fitness and bonding time together. You may also want to make a list of hiking trails or dog walks you want to try, then tick them off and rate them as you do them one by one.

Weight and measurements

Create a spread to track your pets’ weight and measurements. This comes in handy when you want to know if they are gaining or losing weight. It also helps when you want to buy accessories online and you need to buy the right size.

Pregnancy bullet journal ideas

Ovulation tracker

Use your bullet journal to track your periods and ovulation times, so you know when the best time is to fall pregnant. You’re most fertile during ovulation when an egg is released, which is usually 12 to 14 days before the start of your next period.

Baby names

Keep your eyes and ears open for names you like and write them down in your bullet journal. You’ll find names on baby name websites, in books, and any time you meet people. Watch movie credits after a movie for even more ideas – I was named after a credit in a movie ????

Pregnancy sleep tracker

Many women struggle to sleep when they’re pregnant. Keep a journal of how many hours of sleep you get each night and what quality sleep you get, along with how many times you wake up or need to get up during the night. You could even keep track of what you eat or do before going to bed, to see if there’s anything specific that’s upsetting your sleep patterns.

Doctor’s details

Get referrals from friends or your GP for good doctors and midwifes to use during your pregnancy. Keep their contact details and office address in your pregnancy bullet journal.

Favorite websites

There are many wonderful websites with information on pregnancies and babies. When you find one you like, be sure to write it in a spread made for your favorite pregnancy websites so you can go back to it when you need to.

Baby’s growth

Track your own weight and belly size as you progress through your pregnancy, or track baby’s growth along the way.

You can even keep track of your baby’s kicks or movements during your third trimester by counting how often baby moves around and what time of day or night this happens.

Pregnancy workout routine

Make a list of exercises you can do during your pregnancy and which to avoid. Track things like your step count, laps in the pool, or any fitness classes you attend.

Foods to avoid

Make a list of suggested foods and drinks to avoid while pregnant and include any foods that make you feel sick when you eat them.

Books to read

Create a reading list of pregnancy books that you’d like to read. Tick them off as you read them. You can even make notes for yourself of important things you want to remember from each book.


And there you have it! Hundreds of awesome bullet journal ideas to organize your entire life. If you have any more ideas, please add a comment below.

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