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These fun heart trivia questions for kids are sure to keep their brains busy and the laughter rolling. Get all the trivia questions and answers to start playing immediately. Print and play or read the questions from the post.

How to play trivia with these heart questions and answers

There are many ways to use these questions to play a game of trivia with the kids (or even adults – can you answer them all?????).

You can nominate someone to read the questions from this page, with each trivia-ee (person playing) taking a turn to answer a question.

Or you can print out these questions and cut them into strips. Put the strips into a bowl, and give each person a turn to choose a strip and ask a question to the group. The first one to give the correct answer wins a point, with bonus points for the almost-impossible questions!

Photo of human heart model

Heart trivia questions for kids

Does your heart sit more to the left or the right of your body?

More to the left (two-thirds of the heart are on the left and one-third is on the right side)


What makes the heart contract or pump?

Electrical impulses in the heart tissue


What system in the body is the heart part of?

The circulatory system


Are men and women’s hearts in the same place in their body?



What’s the main artery that carries oxygenated blood to all body parts?



Does the heart’s upper or lower chambers have more muscle?

The lower chambers (because they need to pump the blood out)


What are the ‘gates’ of the heart called that make sure blood flows in the right direction?



Human heart trivia questions and answers for kids


Why does your heart beat faster when you exercise?

To send oxygen and nutrients around the body faster


What is the sac around your heart called?



Is your heart about the same size as your foot, knee, or fist?



What is the thick muscle layer in your heart called?



What side of the heart is bigger, the left or right side?

The left side


What carries blood back to the heart?



How many arteries are in your heart?

Two (the left and right coronary arteries)


Man and woman making a heart shape with their hands


Does a man or woman’s heart pump faster?

A woman’s heart pumps faster


Name the wall that divides the heart in half

Interventricular septum


Is there any blue blood in a body?

No, blood is always a shade of red


What does the muscle layer in your heart do?

Helps heart chambers to contract and release, to pump blood


Name the two upper chambers in the heart that receive blood

Left atrium and right atrium


What color is blood when it returns to the heart?

Red (darker than when it left the heart)


Do arteries get bigger or smaller as they move away from the heart?



What thin tubes run between veins and arteries?

Capillaries (their name comes from the Latin word ‘capillus’ which means ‘hair’)


Where does ‘pulmonary circulation’ take place?

It’s the blood flow in the lungs


How long does it take for blood to circulate around the entire body?

20 seconds


How fast does oxygenated blood travel when it leaves the aorta?

1 mile an hour (1.6 km per hour)


Name the two lower chambers in the heart that pump

Left ventricle and right ventricle


How many times does the heart beat in an average lifetime?

3 billion times



What does the heart symbol shape mean?


Find out what all the colors of the heart emojis mean HERE.


What carries blood away from the heart?



What is in blood that leaves the heart and not in blood that returns to the heart?

Oxygen (blood is brighter red when it leaves the heart because it carries oxygen)


When you measure your pulse, what are you measuring?

Your heartbeat – how many times your heart beats in a minute


How much blood does an adult have in their body?

9 pints (4 litres)


What do scientists call red blood cells?



How many times does the average adult’s heart beat per minute?

60 – 100 beats per minute


If you remove the heart from the body, can it still pump?

Yes, because it has its own electrical supply for contractions


How old was the youngest person to have heart surgery?

One minute old


What day of the week do most heart attacks happen?

On a Monday


What is it called when a person’s heartbeat isn’t regular?



What is the main ‘ingredient’ or component in blood?

Plasma (it makes up about 55% of what’s in blood)


Can a person die from a broken heart?

Yes, it’s possible but rare


What happens to the size of a person’s heart as they get older?

The heart tends to get bigger


Do emotions like love come from the heart?

No, emotions come from the brain


Photo of a stethoscope


What do doctors use to listen to a patient’s heartbeat?

A stethoscope


What are the only cells in the body that don’t get blood from the heart?

Corneas in the eyes (corneas don’t have blood vessels because they need to be transparent for sight)


How many tablespoons of blood does a heart pump in a heartbeat?

4 tablespoons of blood per heartbeat


Which animal, when you touch it, can make its heart rate the same as yours?

Horses (in fact, horses can hear a human heartbeat from 4 feet away)


Does sneezing stop your heart?

No, your heart doesn’t stop beating when you sneeze. It carries on pumping, but the rhythm might get delayed a second or two before returning to normal


How many ounces does a man’s heart weigh?

About 10 ounces


What makes blood squirt out of the body?

Blood pressure (which can make blood squirt over 30 feet away)


If you cut out a human heart valve and put it next to a coin, what coin size would it be?

A half dollar

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In mythology, who shoots a person’s heart with a gold-tipped arrow or a lead-tipped arrow?

Cupid, the Roman god of love


When does a person’s heart rate drop to as low as 40 beats per minute?

When we sleep


What machine measures electrical activity in the heart?

An ECG (electrocardiogram)


What is arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia?

A genetic disease when scar tissue and fat replace the muscle in the right ventricle (10 bonus points if you got this one right :-))


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