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These fun geography trivia questions and answers will definitely test your knowledge! Do you know your continents, countries, and capitals? What about their highest mountains and lowest seas?

Find out how much you really know about the world with these fun trivia facts… 


How to play trivia with these geography questions and answers

There are many ways to use these questions to play a game of trivia by yourself or test your knowledge, or play a game with friends, with your family, in a classroom, and more.

You can nominate someone to read the questions from this page, with each player taking a turn to answer a question.

Or you can print out these questions and cut them into strips. Put the strips into a bowl, and give each person a turn to choose a strip and ask a question to the group. The first one to give the correct answer wins a point!

Are you ready to start playing? I thought so!


Get fun geography games and activities

If you love games about geography, then here are three that will keep you on your toes:

Continent I Spy Game – Easy

This game is perfect for very young children. Let them find and count how many of each continent they can find in this mix. The continents are all brightly colored to help them along. If you want a more challenging I Spy for older children, check out the medium level.

Continent I Spy Game – Medium

See how many you can find of each continent – but now all the continents are mixed up and one color (black). This game is a great way to learn about all the continents, how to spell them, and what shapes they come in.

Countries and Continents Game – Difficult

Put on a timer and list ALL the countries you can from each continent. This game is a difficult one – and the player with the most correctly listed countries wins! Play it on your own or in a group. It’s great fun for anyone of any age!


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Geography trivia questions


Geography trivia questions


Question: Which US state was bought from Russia in 1867?

Answer: Alaska


Question: Do more people live in the northern or southern hemisphere?

Answer: The Northern Hemisphere by far (it has 90% of all humans there) 


Question: What’s the capital city of Australia?

Answer: Canberra


Question: What’s the name of the fake English town that showed on Google Maps and Google Earth in 2008?

Answer: Argleton


Question: What’s the highest mountain in Africa called?

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro – it’s 19,341 feet (5,895 metres) above sea level


Question: Which US city has the most people living in it?

Answer: New York City


Question: What does a cartographer do?

Answer: Makes maps


Question: In which direction do latitude lines run on a globe?

Answer: Left to right


Question: What is Egypt’s formal name?

Answer: Arab Republic of Egypt


Question: Which historical country was the first to put north at the top and south at the bottom of a map?

Answer: Korea


Question: What’s the newest US state?

Answer: Hawaii – it joined the US in 1959)


Question: What’s the smallest country on Earth?

Answer: The Vatican City


Question: What’s the capital of Jamaica?

Answer: Kingston


Question: How many countries are in Europe?

Answer: 44


Question: Which country has the most natural lakes?

Answer: Canada – it has more than half of all natural lakes


Question: What’s the world’s largest island?

Answer: Greenland with 836,330 sq mi (2,166,086 square kilometers) of surface area


Question: Which continent sits in all four hemispheres?

Answer: Africa


Question: What’s the only island state in the US?

Answer: Hawaii – it has 132 islands in total


Question: What’s the capital of Norway?

Answer: Oslo


Question: Which country is called the eighth continent for its biology?

Answer: Madagascar! This island off Africa is the largest micro-continent


Question: How many time zones does Russia have?

Answer: 11


Question: What is the world’s largest hot desert?

Answer: The Sahara Desert in Egypt


Question: What’s the lowest point in Asia?

Answer The Dead Sea


Question: What was the temporary US capital from 1790 to 1800?

Answer: Philadelphia – it was made the capital while Washington D.C was being built


Question: What is Europe named after?

Answer: A princess! Europa was the name of a princess in Greek mythology


Question: What’s the capital of Portugal?

Answer: Lisbon



If you want some world maps to color in or for lessons, then you’ll find a range of world maps and globes to download for free by clicking HERE.

And if you still want to get those geography games, we’ve got Continent I Spy Easy and Medium, plus the Continents and Countries game for everyone.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these geography trivia questions! If you have any trivia questions to add, please put them in the comments below or let me know if I should create more fun trivia packs for you and the family.