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These fun animal trivia questions for kids are sure to keep their brains busy and the laughter rolling. Get all the trivia questions and answers to start playing immediately. Print and play or read the questions from the post.

How to play trivia with these animal questions and answers

There are many ways to use these questions to play a game of trivia with the kids (or adults).

You can nominate someone to read the questions from this page, with each trivia-ee (person playing) taking a turn to answer a question.

Or you can print out these questions and cut them into strips. Put the strips into a bowl, and give each person a turn to choose a strip and ask a question to the group. The first one to give the correct answer wins a point!

Animal  trivia questions for kids

Question: How many eyes do most spiders have?

Answer: Eight! (some have six or less, but they’re always an even number)


Question: What is a group of wolves called?

Answer: A pack of wolves


Question: Which bird is a symbol for peace?

Answer: The dove


Question: Sea turtles lay their eggs on beaches. What decides if a baby boy or baby girl turtle hatches out of its shell?

Answer: The temperature of the sand. If the egg is exposed to warmer temperatures, a baby girl will develop. If the sand is cooler, a baby boy turtle will grow inside the egg.


Question: What do you call the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo?

Answer: The Big Five



Animal Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids


Question: What are baby kangaroos called?

Answer: Joeys


Question: How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: Eight


Question: Where is a shrimp’s heart?

Answer: In its head


Question: How many years can a snail sleep for?

Answer: Three years


Question: When bats fly out of a cave, do they turn left or right?

Answer: They always turn left


Question: What color is a polar bear’s skin under their white fur?

Answer: Black skin


Question: What animal is said to have 9 lives?

Answer: Cats

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Question: What is the only big cat that can’t roar?

Answer: Cheetahs


Question: Do fish have spines?

Answer: Yes! All fish live in water and have a spine


Question: What is bigger – an ostrich eye or an ostrich brain?

Answer: An ostrich eye


Question: Which animal is known as man’s best friend?

Answer: Dogs


Question: What is the only animal that can’t jump?

Answer: The elephant


Question: How many toes does a cat have on each back paw?

Answer: Four. Cats have five toes on each front paw and four toes on each back paw.


Question: What do you call a group of fish?

Answer: A school of fish


Question: What do you call an animal that sleeps during the day and is awake at night?

Answer: Nocturnal


Question: Where is the only place on their bodies that dogs can sweat?

Answer: Under their feet


Question: If an owl has yellow eyes, when does it hunt for food?

Answer: During the day! Owls with dark brown or black eyes hunt at night. Owls with red or orange eyes hunt at twilight. And owls with yellow eyes like to catch their food during the day


Question: What color is a flamingo when it’s born?

Answer: Gray! The shrimp and algae they eat dye their feathers pink


Question: What is a kakapo?

Answer: A parrot! This parrot cannot fly. To stay safe, the kakapo stays in its nest in a hole in the ground or under a tree during the day, and only goes out at night


Question: Who does most of the hunting for the family – male lions or female lionesses?

Answer: Lionesses do 90% of the hunting work


Question: What do snakes use to smell?

Answer: Their tongue


Question: Why do frogs close their eyes when they swallow?

Answer: To help push food down their throats. Their eyes are pushed deeper into the sockets to help the food move down the throat


Question: Why do otters hold hands when they sleep in water?

Answer: To stay together, otherwise they would float away


Question: What color is a reindeer’s eyes in winter?

Answer: Blue! Their eyes change color to help them see better in winter light


Question: What color is a reindeer’s eyes in summer?

Answer: Gold / brown! Their eyes change color to help them see better in summer light


Question: Which are the only birds that can fly backwards?

Answer: Hummingbirds


Question: What does a snake shed a few times a year?

Answer: It’s skin


Question: How many hearts does the giant Pacific octopus have?

Answer: Three hearts – two pump blood to their gills and one pumps blood to the rest of their body


Question: How many brains does the Pacific octopus have?

Answer: Nine – one central brain and one small brain in each arm

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